Carolan D Phone Diary

I always have been bad with my phone. I never check it. I never have it on me. I lose it pretty much everyday. I was surprised to see how much I even used it over a two day period of time. It feels like a lot less in the moment.
In the past two days I have used:
Text Messaging: 413 seconds
Twitter: 2,160 seconds
Facebook: 860 seconds
Snapchat: 540 seconds
Instagram: 2,100 seconds
Total: 9,312 seconds

I check social media every night before I go to bed and I spend a good amount of time on them to see everything. I think that this is not a good way to spend my time because if i checked it throughout the day then I would not spend so much time on it before I go to bed


I mostly use my phone to contact people when I need to talk to them, I usually don’t just text to have a conversation. I am a strong believer in experiences and interactions with people, thats why I don’t use my phone often.

I mostly use my phone for checking the time. I use it for alarms as well but mostly just to check the time. I completely rely on my phone for the time. I wear a watch pretty much everyday but i never actually use it to check the time.

Overall, I use my phone a lot more then I thought I did. But comparing to other people, I don’t use it even close to how much they do, but that was expected. I think cell phones are brilliant but I believe that people use it for the wrong reasons and they are so caught up in their phones that they forget about the experiences they could be having around them. Now that I know how much time I spend on my phone, I am definitely going to try to cut back on my usage and use my phone even less.

I really enjoyed this assignment, it showed me a lot about how much I use my phone and when I compared it to other peoples usage it showed me a lot about how much average people use their phone.

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