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1n1p48. This phone log was a very interesting experience and thankfully I can say I’m pretty pleased with my results. Having to log all my phone usage in a diary was a somewhat tedious task but since I am not an avid phone user, it wasn’t too time consuming.

I used my phone a total of 19 times over the time span of 48 hours. The number of minutes I used my phone, however, was a bit more eye opening as I used it 483 minutes and 35 seconds. That is almost 3 hours of my 24 hour day I was on your phone. With regards to social and textual interactivity’s, there were only 6 times out of the 19 times of phone usage I specifically used it for social media purposes, 6 times soley for just texting someone back, and the rest of the 13 times I used my phone was for both texting and social media purposes. Under associated interactivity, I texted 13 times, went on Instagram 11 times, Facebook 12 times, Twitter 6 times, and email twice. The biggest time I saw phone use go up was when I was walking; this occurred 5 different times. The next two activities that were taking place the most when I used my phone was eating and sleeping. However, never when I was eating with someone, if it phone activity occurred during a meal it was most likely when I was by myself- which was only 3 times. Driving and getting ready were interrupted twice to use my phone, and watching Netflix, waiting in line, and field hockey practice were all activities that were paused while I used my phone.




As much as this project was eye opening and interesting to reflect back on phone use, it came with some implications. First, it was very difficult to truthfully record when I used my phone and for how long. What I mean by that is, sometimes I only used it for a few seconds but how do I know how many seconds to log for? Keeping track of the minutes or seconds it was used was harder than one my realize.  Something that also became very tedious was the fact that I had to use a specific pen and notepad. More so than the notepad, the Pilot G2 .07 pen that had to be used restricted me sometimes from recording down when I used my phone. Because I don’t necessarily use those pens all the time I had to keep it on hand for easy access, however, when it wasn’t and buried somewhere deep in my book bag I may have been walking from class to class and did not record that phone usage because I know I had to record it with that specific pen. Or vise versa, sometimes I found myself not texting someone back or checking my phone because I had to use that specific pen to record my usage and it was not immediately on hand. Also, I’m assuming the amount of times I used my phone was very minimum to the majority of students; the reason being was I felt it to be sort of a competition…to see how few times I can use my phone. Personally, I feel society needs to be more present and not focus on the technology in front of them, therefore, I don’t use my phone that much to begin with.

This project has taught me a few things about myself, with regards to being a user of communication technologies. I already knew I used my phone less than my peers and generation, however, it was made clear that I am not a very digitally literate writer and communicator (and I would like to say more digitally illiterate at communicating). Put me in a room, face to face with someone and I can communicate with them very well, but when it comes to what Selfe describes as being digitally literate, that is when my writing and communicating habits go down hill. On the other hand, because I am not as digitally literate I feel a positive of that is being able to communicate person to person. When it comes down to it, I feel people need to know how to interact with one another and communicate with them face to face, which I feel is a strength of mine.

However, in today’s society I do believe it is important to be digitally literate because that’s the way we communicate now. Yes, you’ll still have to have a face to face conversation at some point, but not always. In the world we live in digital technology is how people get their name out there, how they self promote, how everyone interacts. For example, I didn’t once have a phone call in those 48 hours of logging my phone activity; however, I did text many people and communicate with people over social media and email. Being a digitally literate writer and communicator is a necessity if you want to connect with the most people possible. The cell phone is literally holding the whole world in your hands. You are able to look up things, connect with people, capture moments, know your way around the world, and be in the know of what is going on in the world. Not many other communication technologies are able to give you ALL that in one single device. My phone and I have a very love/hate relationship. Not only do I love to hate it but I have to have it. Even though my phone activity is rather low, I am one of those individuals that always has to have their phone on them…I might not open it for hours but just knowing it is with me, or I know where it is, brings a sense of comfort. For example, I might not have taken any selfies on it during the period of logging (or any selfies at any point and time in my life), but rather, checked in with people to see how they were both through texting and social media. Or somethings like a Ted Talk where I was learning more about people, their thoughts and ideas, and the environment around me.

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