Nicole N’s Phone Diary

Phone Diary Records for Nicole Nolting:


Total Interactivities: 193

Total Time: 5 Hours & 15 Minutes

Snapchat: 7 Minutes & 15 Seconds

Facebook: 2 Minutes

Texting: 1 Hour & 33 Minutes

Time Check: 1 Minute & 30 Seconds

Alarm: 45 Seconds

Email: 3 Minutes

Phone Calls: 19 Minutes

Multiple Applications at Once: 2 Hours & 54 Minutes


Being forced to record my cell phone usage became a struggle shortly after beginning to do so. I did not alter my typical phone routine throughout the activity because I wanted it to be an accurate representation of my dependency for its programs.

I struggled with maintaining to use the specific pen for this project due to the fact that I am usually able to choose which kind of utensil I wish to write with. I also had trouble with remembering to bring my notebook everywhere with me; I would have to run back into my dorm because I would forget to bring it along! This assignment was so compelling because it distracted me from the direct conversations (face-to-face) that I was having with others so that I could document the technical communication that I was having with others!

Completing this activity made me realize how my life is structured around my dependency for instant communication. For example, I spent most of my time texting my boyfriend and checking Facebook and Snapchat instead of directly calling the people that I was in contact with through these other methods.

I discovered that I am a very visual person because I prefer to communicate with pictures via Snapchat, opposed to talking directly through phone calls- also because it is faster! I love knowing that I am able to communicate with people within a matter of seconds through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat and I am reassured that this is the best way to communicate since I usually receive a instant response.

IMG_0632Using other applications  such as Blackboard and email has helped me stay in direct contact with my professors as well. I tend to have a reply from a question much faster than I would if I was forced to schedule a meeting with them to catch up at a later time.

I also realized that my desire to read articles has increased since I downloaded the applications Zite and Pocket. During “Multiple Applications at Once” times, I would often find myself going back and forth on these (as well as on Facebook), and began to save more and more for later reading time opportunities

My relationship with my phone is one of the strongest ones I have with anything or anyone. I rely on it to continue my relationships with my friends, family, and colleagues as well as for my academic well-being. I use its applications to help me at times where it is not convenient for me to use my computer such as while I’m walking (which inevitably happened quite often) as well as while I’m in bed or at a friend’s house.

DSC_0744It enables me to reach out to any specific person within a matter of seconds, which is such an important thing for student to be able to do. It tends to increase my productivity most of the time, however, I sometimes use it as a distraction to homework.

I came to realize was a huge impact our phones have on our society after having documented my 193 times of using my phone in just 48 hours! Twenty-first century Americans rely on these social media forms in order to connect, collaborate, and consume information. Completing this activity as a student made me I realize how these are all necessities for success in the modern world

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