Phone Diary: An Epic Struggle by Cassandra Muratore


Me being distracted

I am a forgetful person. Anyone who knows me can vouch for this. Remembering things is just not high up on my list of skills. I’ve done a pretty good job of being a functioning member of society despite this fatal flaw but I knew when we were assigned this project that the universe would most likely not be on my side. Having to remember to whip out my handy dandy notebook every time I used my phone was not an easy feat. Especially since I absentmindedly unlock my phone with 0 purpose behind it. Just having to remember to bring it with me everywhere was a challenge. Minus my senior citizen moments, I wasn’t all that surprised from my results. Here are a bunch of numbers to support my rambling:

  1. Times I used my phone: 78
  2. Minutes I spent on my phone: 317.5
  3. Textual Interactivities: 0. Social Interactivities: 68. Both: 10
  4. Activities: Twitter (13), Facebook (13), Instagram (9), SnapChat (11), Email (3), Spotify (11), Shuttle App (6), Talking (2), Texting (10)
  5. Interrupted Activities: Getting up (10), Getting ready (2), Shuttle (3), Walking (6), Class (15), Work (4), Waiting for shuttle (12), Waiting for class to start (6), Homework/Studying (20)

IMG_6622Using pen and paper is not my style. I write everything down on my phone so being forced to use them was frustrating. On more than one occasion I resulted to recording my data in the Notes app on my phone and copying it into my notebook at the end of the day. Desperate times call for desperate measures, am I right?

I feel like I didn’t really learn too much about myself from this assignment. I was pretty aware of how often I use my phone thanks to my mother for constantly reminding me to look up. I’m not much of a texter so I like to think that my personal communication skills are pretty good. I mostly use my phone out of boredom. I get bored so easily if I don’t have anything to distract me hence the excessive use of Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is really my form of communication. If people want to know what I’m up to they can check out my twitter and catch up on my life.

IMG_6623Since doing this project, I’ve payed a lot more attention to how my friends, family, and strangers use their phones. I even wrote a blog post about how phones ruin the experience of going to a concert (shameless self-promotion). Even though I’m not surprised about how much I used my phone, I do think it’s kind of absurd that I’m checking twitter 13 times a day. It looks like technology really did kill the teen.


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