Phone Diary: Blaise K


The diary of phone interactivity assignment really shed light on how often we as a society use our phones. Smartphones have basically taken over technology as we know it. It is extremely difficult nowadays to find someone without an iPhone, or another smartphone with the same capabilities. We literally have the world in our hands at the touch of a finger, and this activity made me realize just how frequently we rely on our cell phones. Compared to people I have met, I consider my phone usage as below average, and yet I still found in my final statistics my usage numbers to be surprising.

My Statistics

  • Total Interactions: 43
  • Total Time Spent: 162 mins, 2h42m
  • Total TI, SI, or Both: (TI: 18) (SI: 22) (Both: 3)
  • Texts: 23
  • Phone Calls: 4
  • Twitter: 6
  • Snapchat: 4
  • Instagram: 3
  • Internet: 2
  • Fantasy Football: 1

Activities interrupted ranged from meals, conversations, TV watching, and studying.


This activity definitely impacted my outlook on my phone usage. For instance, I did not realize how many times I would pick up my phone with no true intention of doing anything, then once it was open choosing something random to browse like Twitter or Snapchat. I found that a lot of times I would just pick up the phone because I had nothing else to do. This has pretty much become an instinct or a habit. However, I did at times find myself resisting the urge to pick up my phone because I was aware that I had the diary also. The presence of having to log each use of my cell phone made me more self-aware.


I have learned that my relationship with my phone is naturally inseparable. I do not think I use it too much or too little, per say, but I do recognize having it with me is a necessity. For instance, in 2014 I went on a service trip to Haiti and was not allowed to use my phone for ten days. The first couple of days I found myself frequently reaching for my pocket, only to find my phone was not in there. I felt a sense of nakedness, as if a part of me was not with me anymore. I got used to it, however, and it became a bit relieving not having that instant connection with the outside world. It allowed me to live more in the moment.

Overall, this activity was very beneficial. Even though I definitely did not enjoy logging my usage each time I picked up my phone, when I was able to step back and look at the results, it fascinated me. I shared the statistics with my parents, and they as well began to take note as to how much they were using their cell phones. My dad’s results even surpassed mine! This activity sheds light on the impact cell phones have on each and every person. It definitely increases consciousness as to how much our phones really do impact our lives. I would encourage each person to do a similar activity. The results will definitely be interesting!

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