Phone Diary: Dana M.

IMG_5129I thought that logging every time i made a social connection with someone over my phone was going to be a bit difficult considering I had to remember to bring the little booklet with me everywhere. I wasn’t that surprised by my results because i know and realize how often i use my phone. I didn’t log every time i checked my phone, i logged every time i had a social interaction over my phone. I used my phone a bit more than stated in my results. Take a look at all the times I had a social interaction over my phone.

  1. I used my phone 145 times over 48 hours
  2. the total hours and minutes I spent on the phone was 4 hours & 35 minutes
  3. the total textual, social, or both inter activities was: Both-33 Si- 9 Ti-3
  4. the activities I was using on my phone were: Texting-67, Snapchat-86, Twitter-6, Facebook-7, Instagram-9, Groupme-4, Email-2
  5. the activities that were interrupted while I used my phone were: Homework-66, Nothing-21, Class-18, Dinner-12, Lunch-15, Netflix-30, Work-18, Meeting-3

IMG_5130   It was kind of weird having to interrupt using my phone to write down i was using my phone. I changed my phone behavior at first but by night time I used it quite normally and felt that i checked my social media more as i usually do.

I feel as if i have a pretty good relationship with my phone. I know when to put it away and i don’t feel the need to have my phone other than for texting or calling purposes. I do always feel obligated to answer people when they contact me via snapchat, twitter, Facebook, email, or texting.
I think I make my presence now in all my social media apps and group texts, when I always usually respond very quickly.

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