Phone Diary: Jenna S

1 Notebook 1 Pen 48 Hours


This activity was eye opening as to how my everyday life has evolved so that I am very dependent I am on my phone.

Quantitative Information:

  1. Total times I used the phone: 67
  2. The total hours and minutes I spent on the phone: 676 minutes, 11 hours
  3. The total textual, social, or both interactions

Textual: 2

Social: 26

Both: 39

4.   List and quantify the activities completed on the phone under the associated interactivity

Textual: Reading articles(2)

Social: Instagram(11), Facebook(9), Spotify(4), Phone call(2)

Both: Text messaging(29), Snapchat(8), Twitter(2)

5. List and quantify the activities that were happening when you used your phone

Studying(16), Eating(9), Sitting/Downtime(24), Talking(11), Walking(5), Running(2)

Using paper and pen simultaneously with my phone made me realize how the technology of paper and pen is not utilized as much as technology such as my phone and computer in my everyday life.  It made me realize that instead of writing a letter to my family friends, I send emails, texts, and snapchats.  And instead of writing my thoughts down in a journal I often instead use the notes application.  It was odd to pair our new technology with the very thing it is replacing.

Through this activity I learned a lot about my dependency on my phone.  I realized just how much I needed to use it for quick communication with my family and friends, as well as I used it to communicate with other students about group projects, homework, etc.  I also realized how much I used my phone for other social activity.  Throughout each day I spent hours of my time listening to music on the app Spotify because it was midterm week and I listen to music while I study.  I also checked my Instagram and Facebook countless times, sent many snapchats, and spent hours talking to my best friend from home.


This is a sample from my log which shows how distracting our phones can be.  In this case I was trying to study, but obviously I kept getting very distracted by having my phone near me.  It wasn’t until I put my phone off and away in my backpack that I stopped having distractions like this while studying.

Overall, this was a very eye opening experience.  I truly realized my dependency on my phone which was at some points quite shocking. Our phones provide us great tools and helpful technology, however it is obvious that phones are replacing communication as we knew it.




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