what i’ve been seeing lately

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged regularly, partly because I have been traveling. I also got a new toy: a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 digital camera, which I am becoming more fond of every day. Here is a small selection, though representative, of what I have been seeing lately through its (wonderful, 12x digital zoom) lens, shown in roughly the order they were taken.

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  1. domesticnewbie says:

    I want to see what you see. The kitty is gorgeous but that rose–WOW. Can you add where you’ve been spotting these incredible sights, or at least give a little background? The rose. Wow. The cactus I might be able to do without :)

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks, newbie! (There are more on my Facebook page.)

    The first two were taken in my apartment, the first few pics with the new camera, just shooting whatever was there.

    The snow scene is Keystone, CO.

    The cactus (what is wrong with the cactus btw?) and the yellow orchids are at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

    The rest were taken in New Orleans. The swan, rose, tree and bench were taken at City Park. The green house, on Esplanade Ave. The green door, somewhere in the French Quarter. The cross and the rusting circle in St. Louis I cemetery.

  3. domesticnewbie says:

    Well it looks like you travel to many beautiful places!

    And regarding the cactus–it’s just a little too phallic for me, I suppose. Hmm…

  4. Karen says:


    I own this camera, too, and love it! Some of the photos that would require a macro setting on other cameras can be taken with just as much clarity in the regular setting with the zoom. 16 x 20 prints are as clear, if not clearer, than 4 x 6. It is an incredible camera. I hope you enjoy it.


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