Winter Break 2013 – 2014 To-Do List

My Summer to-do list helped me stay on track with many different projects, so I’m taking a few moments to compose my Winter Break 2013 – 2014 to-do list. Classes ended December 18 and start again on January 21, and since I’m writing this on December 22, I have just under month to try to get them all done. It’s going to be tight with only a few hours in the morning to work and if not exhausted some time after the boys are in bed. . . .


  • fun adventures with Wendy, Hydan, and Seeger
    • skiing at Stratton (no skiing due to the polar vortex, but ice skating and other fun times with family and DI)
    • visit family (visited W’s family over Christmas)
    • ice skating (ice skated in Greensburg, PA, and Manchester, VT)
    • see friends in Schenectady, NY (yep)
  • make 2014 calendar using Hydan’s artwork
  • make Seeger’s birth photo book (started January 9, finished January 22)
  • move my home office to make room for Seeger’s bedroom (started January 11, office in working order January 12 but much to move still)
  • get a dog


  • Compose article for BOSS: The Biannual Online-Journal of Springsteen Studies, due January 1, submitted on January 1 at 10:30pm
  • abstract for special issue of Kairos, due January 1 (first draft due Feb 14): drafted December 22; submitted “Baby, We Were Born to Tweet: #Springsteen, In Situ Tweeting, and the Emergence of a Distributed Composing Ecology” proposal on 12/24/13; accepted on January 8
  • Compose article for the European Fan special issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, due February 1 (started January 20)
  • begin interviews based on my Springsteen Survey
  • update Springsteen study IRB, due January 15 (submitted, January 14)
  • review #cwcon 2014 proposals, due January 3, completed December 25
  • book proposal for Routledge edited collection on Springsteen
  • finish Wrecking Ball Tour bumps chart


  • grade #wecf13 work, due January 3; completed January 2, submitted January 3
  • grade portfolio seminar portfolios, due January 3; completed January 2, submitted January 3
  • prepare courses for the spring semester (#core2s14 done January 14)
  • add inner navigation to course web sites that have since disappeared after the update
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