ia schedule spring 2009

About the Schedule

All readings are to be completed before class. Primary discussion leader for the week: Please make sure you post your questions as a natural extension of your response to the reading no later than 7:00pm Sunday night. This will give all students time to read and think about your questions the night before class, and perhaps respond to them in comments and in blog posts of their own.


Week 1: 1/26
Assignment to be completed for first class
Introductions, Blogs, Twitter, Thompson
assignment for 2/2


Week 2: 2/2 — Discussion Leader: JoeSabatini
Lakoff & Johnson, Metaphors We Live By
Introduce Web 2.0 and Twitter Review assignment

Week 3: 2/9 — Discussion Leaders: aheartofstars (t)
Nardi & O’Day, Information Ecologies

Week 4: 2/16 — Discussion Leader: JoeSabatini
Brown & Duguid, The Social Life of Information
Review Assignment (.pdf) Handed Out, On Screen Shots

Week 5: 2/23 — Discussion Leader: zachcaruso, twinsksquared, aharcharek (t)
Turche, Maps of the Imagination; O’Reilly, What is Web 2.0
Twitter Apps Presentation: aheartofstars, TwittyTunes
Writer as Cartographer assignment handed out


Week 6: 3/2

Week 7: 3/9 — Discussion Leaders: wellthen24, twinsksquared (t)
Tufte, Beautiful Evidence
Mapping Geographies with Google MyMaps handed out

3/16 – 3/20: Spring Break

Week 8: 3/23 — Discussion Leader: aheartofstars, aharcharek
Lupton, Thinking with Type and Cage, from Color and Meaning
Fonts and Colors assignment handed out

Week 9: 3/30 — Discussion Leaders: wellthen24, cmyers581, BBwerner (t)
Presentations: Web 2.0 (aheartofstars—Netvibes, wellthen24—Wetpaint, JoeSabatini—CiteULike, twinsksquared—Twine)
Presentations: Twitter App (zachcaruso—Twitterlicious, BBwerner—Twitterfon, aharcharek—Digsby, cmyers581—AlertThingy)
Mapping Geographies with Google MyMaps Presentations (whole class)


Week 10: 4/6 — Discussion Leaders: BBwerner, zachcaruso, wellthen24 (t)
Kress & van Leeuwen, Reading Images
McCloud, Understanding Comics

Week 11: 4/13 — Discussion Leaders: aheartofstars, cmyers581, cmyers581 (t)
Bowker & Star, Sorting Things Out; tagging, folksonomies, and collabularies
Presentations: Web 2.0 (zachcaruso—Lulu, BBwerner—Seesmic, aharcharek—Ning, cymers581—LibraryThing)
Presentations: Twitter App (twinsksquared—Tweetdeck, wellthen24—Friendbar, JoeSabatini—BigTweet)

Week 12: 4/20 — Discussion Leaders: wellthen24, BBwerner (t), zachcaruso (t), twinsksquared,
Font and Color Palette Presentations (whole class)
Information Ecology Poster Draft Due

Week 13: 4/27 — Discussion Leader: BBwerner, aharcharek, JoeSabatini (t)
Lessig, Free Culture, Creative Commons


Week 14: 5/4
Last day of class, evaluations
Final Information Ecologies Poster Presentation

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