iwa schedule sum 09

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Bishop and Starkey should be read for Thursday, 5/21.

week 1: whole class

T 5/19: introductions; Did You Know? original video; Did You Know? updated video; discussion questions (.doc); writing arts major; core values
homework for 5/21
H 5/21: syllabus; Bishop and Starkey, “Creativity”; Axelrod and Cooper, “Strategies for Reading Critically”
homework for 5/26

week 2: dr. courtney’s module

T 5/26: Bishop and Starkey, “Creativity”; Lindemann, “What Does the Process Involve?”; Nelson, “The Great Conversation”
homework for 5/26
H 5/28: Porter, “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community.”
Dr. Courtney’s Assignment 1 due

week 3: dr. courtney’s module

T 6/2: Bishop and Starkey, “Collaboration” and “Genre”
H 6/4: “Plagiarism,” UNC Writing Center; Rowan University’s Library Tutorial on Plagiarism; Rutgers Camden Library’s Tutorial on Plagiarism

week 4: dr. tweedie’s module

All of Dr. Tweedie’s HW assignments can be found on his module calendar (.pdf)

T 6/9: Mccloud and history writing techs
H 6/11: Pencils to Pixels, Phaedrus, TrithemiusScribes, and Porter-Why. . .

week 5: dr. tweedie’s module

T 6/16: Baron-handwriting, Is this the end. . ., Handwriting is on the Wall
H 6/18: Twilight and Bolter

week 6: dr. wolff’s module

T 6/23: Homework to be completed for the first day of Dr. Wolff’s module
Penrod on blogs; Bolter on writing spaces; set up WordPress blogs; examples: special education blog, VIZ, Red Flagged, Race in the Classroom
homework for 6/25
H 6/25: Bolter on writing spaces and Selfe on technological literacy (discussion questions [.pdf]); Berners-Lee on the Web; discussion of servers, Internet, code, and linking; Diigo social bookmarking (Diigo tutorial [.pdf]); Social Bookmarking in Plain English
homework for 6/30

week 7: dr. wolff’s module

T 6/30: Turkel on identity; Garfield on YouTube; set up Netvibes RSS reader (Netvibes tutorial [.pdf]); RSS in Plain English
homework for 7/2
H 7/2: Wesch (video) on the future; Thompson on digital intimacy; Gee on video games and literacy; Blackboard portfolio, final assignment discussed

week 8: whole class

T 7/7: last day of class

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