#bsocials18 course calendar

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Braun should be read for Thursday, 1/23. This schedule is subject to change.

week 1: Introductions and The Why?

T 1/16: Introductions, Syllabus, Schedules, Skills Survey; Examples: Swarthmore Farmer’s Market, Philly Farm and Food Fest, Donna, Fostering Brighter Futures
H 1/18: Client reveal, Fellow Panel, Get to know each other, meet with teams, Simon Sinek on the Why
Hand out Social Media Documentary Assignment

week 2: People and Integrity

Assignment for Tuesday, 1/23
If you did not have this completed for class on Thursday, please sign up for a Twitter accountat http://twitter.com. Twitter works best (especially for our purposes) when the username is professional and you are authentic. For example, my username is: billwolffsju (http://twitter.com/billwolffsju), and I use my full name to show who I am. My account is unlocked. Please sign up with a professional username and keep your account unlocked. We’ll be using Twitter in a professional way so there is no need to keep anything private. Make sure you have your username with you. The shorter the username the better and please avoid underscores (_); they are hard to type on smartphones.

Create an Instagram account, as well, if you don’t yet have one using the same professional criteria as described for Twitter. Email Bill your Twitter & Instagram usernames (unless you had them in class).

Read selections from Braun, Coates, Hobbs, Lewis, and Walls. Braun, Coates, Lewis, and Walls, are from memoirs; Hobbs is from an autobiography of a man named Robert Peace. While reading, I’d like you to think about the lives of each of these individuals and pay attention to how you respond to each one. What is your initial reaction? What might you have assumed beforehand and how did that change (if it did) while reading? What were the contexts of their childhoods? What opportunities did each of the individuals have? Braun went on to found a global philanthropy; Walls and Coates became successful authors; Lewis became a civil rights icon and Us Representative. Robert Peace went to Yale before dying young. What does this tell us about the relationships between who these people are and their past?

Read through the Social Media Documentary Assignment, start following your classmates on Twitter and Instagram, and begin live-tweeting your work by tweeting 8 passages that were particularly meaningful to you, two from each reading. I’d also like you to use your classmates’ tweeted passages as conversation starters by replying to 4 of those passages in ways that create a conversation. Original authors, continue that conversation. Add #bsocials18 to the tweets.

We will discuss the readings and your tweets in class on Tuesday.

T 1/23: Braun, Coates, Hobbes, Lewis, Walls
Hand out Story of Learning Assignment

Assignment for Thursday, 1/25
Please read Christensen’s interview with Jensen about integrity and then the Prologue and all of Part One of Nardella’s book (see Readings page for part 1 if you do not have the book yet). Tweet 5 ways you see Jensen’s ideas on integrity coming through in Nardella’s story, either through her actions, beliefs, or structure of the book.

In class we will discuss both the interview and the book and try to connect these to your Team Identity.

H 1/25: Christensen, The Promise, Integrity, and Nardella, Part 1 and Intro
Hand out Project Team and Team Identity Assignments

week 3: Nardella and Campaigns

T 1/30: Nardella, Part 2
Hand out Blogging for the Beautiful Social Web Site Assignment
Team Identity due by 11:00pm via shared GoogleDoc

H 2/1: Aaker and Smith, pages 73 – 81; client social media
Discuss Social Media Takeover Assignment
My Story up to this Moment and first weekly update due by 11:00pm

week 4: Initial Meetings and Reflections

T 2/6: Class Cancelled for Initial Client Meetings
Background Research Part 1 Due 5 hours before client meeting in shared GoogleDoc
H 2/8: Reflecting on Meetings; Nardella, Part 3 & Epilogue
Upper Darby Social Media Takeover Week Begins

week 5: Storytelling

T 2/13: Lambert, Mia, and examples
H 2/15: Shea, Vaynerchuck, examples
Background Research Part 2 Due by 11:00pm

week 6: Interviewing

T 2/20: Portelli, Turkel, examples
Upper Darby Blog Post Due
H 2/22: more on Interviewing

week 7: Jon Olsefski’s Visit and Quest Screening

M 2/26: REQUIRED: Screening of Quest at 7:00pm followed by Q&A
T 2/27
: Reading TBD
H 3/1: Jon Olshelfski visits the class

week 8: Video & Social Media Workshops

T 3/6: Video Workshops
Ubuntu Blog Post Due
Juvenile Justice Center Blog Post Due

H 3/8: Social Media Analysis Workshop
F 3/9: Midterm Story of Learning due by 11:00pm

Spring Break — 3/12 – 3/16

week 9: Midterm Conferences

T 3/20Class Canceled for Conferences though you will meet with teams
H 3/22Class Canceled for Conferences though you will meet with teams

week 10: Projects

T 3/27: Video Workshops and Social Media Analysis Meetings
Providence Center Blog Post Due
H 3/29: TBD

week 11: Projects

T 4/3No Class — University is on a Monday Schedule
H 4/5:  TBD
Complete First Drafts of Deliverables Due
Final Social Media Analysis Due

week 12: Second Client Meeting

T 4/10: TBD
H 4/12: TBD
Ubuntu Social Media Takeover Begins

week 13: Projects

T 4/17: TBD
H 4/19: TBD

week 14: Projects

T 4/24: TBD
Final Video and Photo Deliverables Due
H 4/26: TBD

week 15: Projects

T 5/1: Last Day of Class
Client Case Studies Due by 11:00pm

TBD: End of Semester Event
Sat, 5/5 Final Story of Learning Due by 11:00pm

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