#smpcs18 course calendar

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Jenkins should be read for Thursday, 1/18. This schedule is subject to change.

week 1: Beginnings / Course Themes

T 1/16: Brief Introductions; Larry Lessig on Laws that Choke Creativity; student mashups, zines

Assignment for Thursday, 1/18
Click through the course web site, getting familiar with the layout and read the Syllabus carefully. Come to class with any questions you might have.

If you do not yet have a Twitter account, please sign up for one at http://twitter.com. Twitter works best (especially for our purposes) when the username is professional and you are authentic. For example, my username is: billwolffsju (http://twitter.com/billwolffsju), and I use my full name to show who I am. My account is unlocked. Please sign up with a professional username and keep your account unlocked. We’ll be using Twitter in a professional way so there is no need to keep anything private. Make sure you have your username with you. The shorter the username the better and please avoid underscores (_); they are hard to type on smartphones.

Please read Jenkins, Ito, and boyd (2016) pages 1-21 (oops, not 18), which is from Participatory Culture in a Networked Era and consists of conversations among the three authors, Henry Jenkins, Mizuko Ito, and danah boyd. Please annotate the text, noting key terms, definitions, and various interpretations of “participatory culture.” Take particular note of their discussion of forms of resistance. In class, we will start to come to an understanding of the many ways of understanding participatory culture. Be prepared to contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

H 1/18: Jenkins, Ito, and boyd (2016), pages 1 – 21; jenkins-ito-boyd-discussion-qs.pdf
Hand out Semester Topic, Proposal, and Twitter assignments

week 2: Participatory Culture, Copyright, & Zines

Assignment for Monday 1/22 and Tuesday 1/23
Please Semester Topic assignment and complete the Proposal assignment by 5:00pm on Monday, 1/22. Email your proposal to Bill.

Read through the Twitter assignment, follow everyone in the class, and begin live-tweeting your work by completing the following:

Please read Jenkins, Ito, and boyd (2016), pages 21 – end. In this portion of the text boyd plays a significantly greater role, both in terms of the amount of content and in shaping the direction of the conversation. Please tweet using the #smpcs18 hashtag at least one of her key passages and in a series of follow-up tweets, share your interpretation of her statement(s) and whether or not see you have seen similar events in the online spaces you use. Then look to your classmates tweets and reply to them, starting a conversation.

In class on Tuesday, we will continue our discussion of participatory culture and will set up our group blogs.

M 1/22: Topic proposal due in email to Bill by 5:00pm.
T 1/23
Jenkins, Ito, and boyd (2016), pages 21 – end; Learning Communities; pc-defs.pdf
H 1/25: Duncombe on zines; Zine Examples for 1/25; set up group blogs
Hand out Zine Assignment

week 3: Zines & Riot Grrrl

T 1/30: Darms; Fateman; Comstock on grrrl zines; Riot Grrrl examples
H 2/1: Piepmier; Licona; examples

week 4: Zine Creation

T 2/5: Workshop
H 2/7: Creating the zine

week 5: Zine Creation

T 2/13: Creating the zine
H 2/15: Workshopping zines
Zine Drafts Due

week 6: Remix and Mashups

T 2/20: Gaylor’s RIP: A Remix Manifesto; McIntosh
H 2/22: Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix; Kelly on Screen Literacy
Zine Final Drafts and Reflections Due

week 7: Remix and Mashup

T 2/27Edwards & Tryon; Tryon; McCloud on comics; Hall on semiotics; “Imagine This
Hand out Mashup Assignment

H 3/1: Sample Student Mashups; Storyboarding and Downloading Video

week 8: Mashups

T 3/6: Workshop mashup drafts
H 3/8: Workshop mashup drafts
Video Mashup Rough Draft #1 due on YouTube channel by class time

Spring Break — 3/12 – 3/16

week 9: Mashup Conference Week

T 3/20Class Canceled for Conferences
Mashup Video Draft #2 Due Online by 11:00pm

H 3/22Class Canceled for Conferences

week 10: Participatory Culture Online: The Early Ideal Years

T 3/27: TBD
H 3/29: TBD
F 3/20: Mashup Video Final Draft and Reflection Due by 11:00pm

week 11: Participatory Culture Online: Maybe Not So Ideal Afterall

T 4/3: No Class — University is on a Monday Schedule
H 4/5:  TBD

week 12: Social Media

T 4/10: TBD
H 4/12: TBD

week 13: Social Media

T 4/17: TBD
H 4/19: TBD

week 14: Social Media

T 4/24: TBD
H 4/26: TBD

week 15: Social Media

T 5/1: Last Day of Class

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