Current Study

My current project is netnographic study of Bruce Springsteen fans on Twitter. You can learn about it by going to: Baby We Were Born to Tweet: Springsteen Fans and Twitter.

book projects

Wolff, W.I., Ed. (2017). Bruce Springsteen and Popular Music: Rhetoric, Social Consciousness, and Contemporary Culture. New York, NY: Routledge.

Meloni, J, & Morrison, M. (2010). Sams teach yourself HTML and CSS in 24 hoursW. Wolff (Tech Ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Sams.

recent articles

Wolff. W.I. (2017). Twitter Archives: A Discussion of Systems, Methods, Visualizations, and EthicsKairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.

Wolff, W.I. (2015). Springsteen Fans, #bruceleeds, and the Tweeting of Locality. Transformative Works and Cultures. 19.

Wolff, W.I. (2015). Baby, We Were Born to Tweet: Springsteen Fans, the Writing Practices of In Situ Tweeting, and the Research Possibilities for Twitter. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. 19(3).

Wolff, W.I. (2014). Springsteen, Tradition, and the Purpose of the Artist. BOSS: The Bi-annual Online Journal of Springsteen Studies. 1(1). pp. 36 – 73.

Wolff, W.I. (2013). Interactivity and the invisible: What counts as writing in the age of Web 2.0Computers & Composition. 30. pp. 211 – 225. (pdf download from

Courtney, J, Tweedie, S., and Wolff, W.I. (2010). What exactly is this major?: Creating a Writing department’s identity through an introductory course. Advance(d) Composition: Undergraduate Majors and the Future of the Discipline. Eds. Tom Moriarty and Greg Giberson.

Wolff, W.I. (2009). Systems of classification and the cognitive properties of grant proposal formal documents, Technical Communication Quarterly18(4). pp. 303 – 326. Nominated for the 2010 NCTE Best Article Reporting Qualitative or Quantitative Research in Technical or Scientific Communication

Wolff, W.I., Fitzpatrick, K., and Youssef, R. (2009). Rethinking usability for Web 2.0 and beyondCurrents in Electronic Literacy.

Wolff, W.I. (2008). “‘A chimera of sorts’: Rethinking educational technology grant programs, courseware innovation, and the language of educational change,” Computers & Education, 51, pp. 1184 – 1197.

recent conference presentations

Wolff, B. (2016, May). On the Decisions, Methods, and Visualizations
of Social Media Archives. Computers and Writing Conference. Rochester, NY.

Wolff, B. (2015, May). “In the Quick of the Night”: Fanzines, Analog Technologies, and the Processes of Writing from the Margins. Computers and Writing Conference. Stout, WI.

Wolff, B. (2014, June). Writing on the Edge of the World: Springsteen Fans and the Writing Practices of In Situ Concert Tweeting. Computers and Writing Conference. Pullman, WA.

Wolff, B. (2013, November). Born in the E.U., I was Born in the E.U.!: Bruce Springsteen, European Fan Tweets, and the Importance of Locality. European Fandom and Fan Studies Conference. University of Amsterdam.

Wolff, B. (2013, May). Baby, We were Born to Tweet: #Springsteen, Concert Tweets, and an Emergent Transmediated Composing Community. Computers and Writing Conference. Frostburg, MD.

Wolff, B. (2012, September). “OMG I GOT AMAZING SEATS!!!! FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!! Bruce Springsteen, here we come!!!!”: #Springsteen, Concert Tweets, and the Evolution of Fandom Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium. Monmouth, NJ.

Wolff, B. (2012, September). In Defense of Influence: Springsteen’s 2012 SXSW Keynote and the Literary Tradition of Poetic Creativity. Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium. Monmouth, NJ.

Wolff, B. (2010, May). When Understanding Hypertext Isn’t Enough: Thoughts on Writing in the Age of Web 2.0. “Deliverator” talk presented at the Computers and Writing Conference. West Lafayette, IN.

Wolff, B. (2010, May). Remixing composition in the writing classroom: An installation of student videos. Online installation and presentation at the Computers and Writing Online Conference. West Lafayette, IN. Available online at .

Wolff, W.I. (2010, March). Revealing Meaning, Broadcasting History: Notes on the Composition of Oral History Video. Conference on College Composition and Communication.Louisville, KY.

Wolff, W.I. (2009, September). “On Queens and Candy Aisles: Desire, Decaying Society, and the Literary Tradition of “Queen of the Supermarket.” Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium. Monmouth, NJ.

Wolff, W.I. (2008, October). “When Understanding Hypertext Isn’t Enough: Notes toward a New Online Literacy.” The Seventh Biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference. Louisville, KY.

Wolff, W.I., and Penrod, D. (2008, June)”Preparing Online Communicators for the Future of Information Systems.” Third Annual International Association of Online Communicators Conference. Reykjavik, Iceland.

Wolff, W.I. (2008, April). Integrating Technology, part of the panel Building and Sustaining an Independent Writing Major: Insights from a Decade of Departmental Experience, Conference on College Composition and Communication. New Orleans, LA.

Wolff, W.I., and Penrod, D. (2008, January). Preparing Writers for the Future of Information Systems. 4th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society. Boston, MA.

Wolff, W.I. (2007, March). “Welcome to the ‘Big Apple’: Geographical Space, Systems of Classification, and their Affects on Writing Instructor Identity.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. New York City, NY.

Wolff, W.I. (2006, January). “Rethinking Learning Environments: An Analysis of Student Laptop and Common Space Use at the University of Texas at Austin.” 2006 EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference, Austin, TX.

last update: August 30, 2016

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