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  • @Scrivenings Way to go Ella!! in reply to Scrivenings #
  • Woman talking to her grandson about my photos, "I like the photos in here." His response, "They used have drawings of whales in here." :-) #
  • Tow more videos and reflections to #grade and I'm done with #wrtf10 section 3. About half a day behind my goals but great turnaround for me. #
  • Really wonderful interpretation of The One video assignment for #wrtf10 "The Last Person You Told You Love" #
  • #grades emailed to #wrtf10 section 3 students. Not to get to so outstanding emails and then home. #
  • @KelliMarshall so cool that you went!!! in reply to KelliMarshall #
  • @KelliMarshall nice! I'm gonna have to watch it online in the next day or so. So curious to see the crowd size. in reply to KelliMarshall #
  • Debating another morning #grading session location. Home or the cafe? Leaning towards the cafe. #
  • The cafe won. #commenting on #wrtf10 remix rough drafts. (@ Whereabouts Cafe) #
  • But, the big stop today will be Babies R Us to buy a, gulp, car seat and stroller. Yes, the shoppingforbaby extravganza has begun. #
  • I really enjoy #commenting on YouTube drafts in the comments section because the 500 character limit condenses the response wonderfully. #

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1:19pm 31 Oct 2010