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Removing Background Noise in Premiere 2020 and 2021

This video covers removing background noice in Premiere 2020, but the process is exactly the same in 2021. You use the Denoise effect. From what I can tell from watch many videos on this, choosing a setting around 50 – 60 should work well. I’d like you all to do this, as you most likely have background noise of one kind or another.


Removing Background Noise Using Premiere AND Audition

If you have both Premiere and Audition, and want more precise background noise reduction, use this video (starting at around 2:40).


Creating a Square Video in Premiere


Adding Subtitles in Premiere


Using Manual Settings on a Canon DSLR

Camera Mounts

Setting Shutter to High Burst (Rapid Photos)

For the t5i and t6i:

For the 6D:

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