core2 spring 2010 daily homework

About Homework Assignments

The assignments that are listed on this page are to be completed before class starts the day they are due. The latest assignment will be placed at the top to reduce scrolling.

for Wednesday, Feb 10

To get to know your blogs a bit more, please see’s new (and, unfortunately, now rather difficult) support page. By classtime on Wednesday, I would like you to learn how to do the following using the support page linked-to above, and the create a post that contains all three of the below listed items (try to make the post related to the course). Use the Topics keywords (also known as ‘tags’) to get you started. I suggest using the search box if the lists are unhelpful. The subject of this post should be on a subject that is related to your professional, and/or educational interests, but employing the following activities:

  • add / write a link
  • add an image
  • emded / post a YouTube video

In class we will be discuss the library’s scholarly databases and thinking about sources. To prepare for that, please work through the Rowan Library Online Orientation. Complete through Unit 6. I admit that it is a little tedious, but it is an effective tutorial. Don’t wait until the last minute because it takes some time.

There is no reading this week.

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