core2s11 final research reflection and analysis

Assignment Overview

Your reflection and analysis statement should have two parts and should be included in the document with your final project (after, not before the final project). The reflections and analysis should be double-spaced. After the reflection, include your query/submission letter, which should be single-spaced. That is, all three documents—final project, reflections, and query/submission letter should all be in one document.

  • Part 1 (500 – 750 words in length): In this part, I’d like you to reflect on your semester-long research process. What worked, what didn’t. What surprised you and what went as expected? Which texts were the most useful in terms of practical suggestions, examples, and theories? If you were going to continue this project, what would your next steps be? Use the heading Research Reflection before this section.
  • Part 2 (500 – 750 words in length): In this part I’d like you to detail how your research has found its way into your final project. Choose 3 – 5 locations in your text and discuss how your research informed those sections. Be specific about the source(s) of the information, whether you fictionalized certain parts of it, and how having the information added to the overall goals of your final project. In your final project add in bold just before the start of the sections you write about (analysis location #). If you are writing poetry, add it to the end of the first line. If you are writing a born-digital project, put the URL of each location in the analysis statement; don’t put anything in the actual web text. Use the heading Research Analysis before this section.

Submit your final document to the “final-project-final-draft” folder in Dropbox. Name the file in this manner (all lowercase, use n-dashes not underscores): “wolff-core2s11-rp-final-yourlastname.” The file should be in .doc or .docx format.

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