core2 spring 2012 schedule

About the Schedule

All readings are to be completed before class. Responses are due by the Sunday evening following class discussion. The schedule is subject to change; please make sure you are checking it regularly.


Week 1: 1/17
Introductions, syllabus, set up research blogs and Twitter accounts
Hand out
Research Blog and Live-tweeting Course Readings assignments

Week 2: 1/24
Feature stories: Junod, Nutt, Ross, Siebert, and Wallace, “Shipping Out.” On Twitter: Johnson and Silver. Links and downloads on the Readings page.
Hand out Semester-long Research Project, Research Proposal Assignments

Order free business cards no later than 1/28 so they can arrive in time for field research.

Week 3: 1/31
Lakoff & Johnson, pages ix – 125; 2012 Writer’s Market and Writer’s Market in your project area.
Discuss Research Proposals and Zotero
Research Proposals due on research blog by classtime
Hand out Annotated Bibliography Assignment (.pdf, updated 3/27; see Major Assignments for samples)


Week 4: 2/7
Lakoff & Johnson, pages 126 – 240; Readings on Qualitative Research and Research Ethics: Creswell and Christians (links and downloads on the Readings page); innovation study IRB sample minus consent and survey instruments (2005, UT-Austin, .pdf)); oral history study IRB (2009; Rowan, .pdf); IRB and NIH Certification discussion
Introduce and discuss Zotero.
NIH certification process completed by classtime

Week 5: 2/14
Gubrium, PostModern Interviewing: Intro, Chapters 2, 4, 5, and 7; first-gubrium-discussion-questions.docx
Leveraging Twitter for Research
Rowan Library databases tutorials must be completed

Week 6: 2/21
Meet at Glassboro Bowl and Recreation Center for Field Research (field research assignment [.pdf])
Gubrium, PostModern Interviewing: Chapters 9, 10, 12, 13
Emerson, Fretz, and Shaw, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes: Chapters 1 and 2

Week 7: 2/28
Emerson, Fretz, and Shaw, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes: Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6
Bring fieldnotes to class
Hand out Fieldnotes, Interviews, and Reflections assignment


Week 8: 3/6: Class Canceled
Interview Areas, Interviewees, and Interview Schedule due on Research Blog
Hand out Document Analysis (Harper’s Annotation) assignment

Week 9: Spring Break March 12 – 16

Week 10: 3/20
Datson, Things That Talk: Intro, Chapters 5, 7, and 8; Syverson (download on the Readings page.); Harper’s Annotations (links and downloads on the Readings page in the Annotations section)

Week 11: 3/27
bring to class and discuss object to be annotated in Annotation assignment
Annotated Bibliography Rough Draft in class (bring citation guide[s] with you to class); annotated-bib-peer-response-s12.docx
Friday 3/30: Annotated bibliography final drafts due via Dropbox by 11:00pm


Week 12: 4/3 — Class will meet online Class meeting with Jenn Courtney’s Seminary II
Annotation Rough Drafts due in Dropbox folder
harpers-annotation-peer-response-s12-rev.pdf (peer responses must be completed by 11:00pm, Friday, April 6)

Week 13: 4/10 — Class canceled for conferences / Writing Week
Annotation Final Drafts due Wednesday, April 11, via Dropbox by 11:00pm

Week 14: 4/17 — Class meets in the classroom
Rough Drafts of final project and query letter due via Dropbox by 5:00pm Sunday, 4 /15
Workshop drafts in class
Hand out Research Reflection and Analysis assignment

Week 15: 4/24
Last day of class; last day of class dinner in class
Reflecting on creative research and composing

Week 16: 4/28 (Saturday)
Final project and final query letter due via Dropbox by 11:00pm
Research reflection and analysis due via Dropbox by 11:00pm

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