core2s15 major assignments

Semester-long Research Project Overview

Important Project and Other Due Dates

Note that due dates may change based on various events during the semester. Be sure to check the Course Schedule for updated due dates as they may not always be reflected here.

2/7: Order business cards no later than this date
2/7: Research Proposal or Query Letter Due on research blog by 11:00pm
3/3: NIH certification and training must be finished and screen shot of certificate posted to your blog
3/11: Interview Questions, Interviewees, and Interview Schedule due on Research Blog
TBD: Fieldnotes, interviews, lookings, and reflections posts due
4/21 (Sunday): Rough Drafts of final project and query letter due via Dropbox by class time
4/29: Final project and final query letter due via Dropbox by 11:00pm

3/14: Midterm Learning Record due
5/6: Final Learning Record Due

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