ctpf15 zite and pocket assignment

Assignment Specifics

Part One

Each week for the rest of the semester students are required to tweet links to at least THREE articles they have found via Zite (or Prismatic for those who can’t access Zite) or saved into Pocket.

When sharing the links to Twitter, you must add topic-related hashtags so you can increase your readership. Learning topic-related hashtags is one of the important parts of learning the conventions of your particular audience or public.

DO NOT add the course hashtag, as the hashtag would seem out of place there.

Part Two

Each week, students are required to read and to save to Pocket at least FIVE articles they have found via Zite (or Prismatic) and/or found by following topic-related hashtags.

These articles can be used to compose tweets for Part One of the assignment and can be used to inform blog posts for the WordPress assignment.

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