#digs16 major assignments

Important Dates

Note that due dates may change based on various events during the semester. Be sure to check the Course Schedule for updated due dates as they may not always be reflected here.

2/5: Order business cards no later than this date
2/5: Investigation Proposal due on blog by 11:00pm
3/25: Fieldnotes, interview, looking, and reflections posts due
3/31: Drilling down through the sources blog post due online by 11:00pm
4/5: Project alphabetic text due
4/7: Project Audio due
4/12: Project Video due
4/14: Slide Show Due
4/19: Project mode of choice due
4/20 (Wednesday): Transmediated digital story rough draft due by 5:00pm
4/27 (Wednesday): Transmediated digital story final draft due by 5:00pm

3/4: Story of Learning, part 1 due
5/5: Story of Learning, part 2 due
5/5: Evidence of project submission to a publisher due

Days class cancelled for conferences: 2/4, 3/15, 3/17, 3/29, 3/31

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