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About Homework Assignments

The assignments that are listed on this page are to be completed before class starts the day they are due. Because we meet once a week some of the assignments might be due several days prior to when class meets. This will allow the instructor and the rest of the students to see the work and, if part of the assignment, respond to it. Do to the nature of the course, I do not expect there to be many of these kinds of assignments.

for Monday, Feb 2

Please read Lakoff and Johnson’s Metaphors We Live By, and post your response to the IAOC Blog. If you have trouble posting, bring an electronic copy of your response to class (via email or USB flash drive) and we will post it in class.

In class we will be discuss the Web 2.0 and Twitter Review assignment. We will also select the Web 2.0 and Twitter applications we will review. Please take a look at each of the Web 2.0 applications I have listed on the Syllabus page, as well as the Twitter applications at Twitter Downloads and/or Mashable’s Twittermania. Create two lists, the first containing the 3 Web 2.0 applications would prefer reviewing, and the second containing the 3 Twitter applications you would prefer reviewing. Bring the lists to class.

for Monday, Jan 26

Please read “Brave New World of Digital Intimacy” by Clive Thompson and watch the following videos:

Blogs in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English

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