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About Blogging with WordPress

You will be broken into groups to run a collaborative blog hosted by WordPress where each of you will post information relating to your personal, professional, and educational interests. You will post responses to the readings in the blog. Each group will:

  • name their blog
  • learn several WordPress blog features (how to create posts, links, and so forth)
  • choose the topical themes of your blog (based on the interests you previously listed)
  • choose a layout theme for your blog consistent with your topical theme
  • write an about page that describes who you are (you can keep your identities anonymous) and what the blog is about (not just for an assignment!)
  • post at least 4 posts per week per individual (if there are 3 people in the group, that’s at least 9 per week total. Do not wait until the end of the module to do all of your posts—I will be looking to see that you have done the required amount each week
    • 1 or 2 posts can be about the readings (these will not have prompts; the response topics and lengths are up to you. I strongly suggest that your posts in response to assigned readings are at least the equivalent of 1/2 page single space, Times New Roman, font 12)
    • 2 or more should be about other things directly related to the topical theme of the blog. These can be any length—whatever you think is best based on the topic of your post
  • create a blogroll based on the blogs you find interesting

I encourage you to add and change images and learn the many features of this great blog software. To learn how to do just about everything, see WordPress topics and click on the topic that interests you. You can also stop by the WordPress forums. Look at these first before you email Dr. Wolff.

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