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About Social Bookmarking with Diigo

You will each be setting up a social bookmarking account at Diigo. This site (and others like it) allow you to bookmark web pages and, in the case of Diigo, highlight and take notes directly on those pages—notes that will appear when you go back to the page at a later date. Each student will:

  • set up your account
  • depending on your module, join the group “Technologies and the Future of Writing Summer 2009.”
  • add a link from your blog to see your person public social bookmark page (the URL will be like
  • add a link to the group bookmark page
  • bookmark no less than 15 pages, tag them in ways we discussed in class, and be sure that you are adding them to the Technologies and the Future of Writing Group for your module
  • add feeds for both your personal and the group’s Diigo pages to your public Netvibes ecosystem

This is going to ask you, as with the blogs and netvibes, to go out and find places that you are interested in. Once you find them, bookmark the pages and watch your tags grow.

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