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About the RSS Reader with Netvibes

You will each be setting up your own ecosystem. This ecosystem provides you with the ability have updates from certain sites (sites that have an RSS feed) to be sent directly to you. You can also see your email, social bookmarks, include web pages, listen to podcasts, and many more. Each student will:

  • set up a Netvibes account
  • learn how to add tabs, RSS feeds, and widgets to your ecosystem
  • set up both the public and private side
  • in the public eceosystem, create a series of tabs broken down by interest areas (no less than 3 tabs)
  • add feeds from each of the class blogs as a way of getting started with the system
  • have no less than 20 total feeds or widgets in your public ecosystem (this number includes the class blogs); your private should have no less than 10
  • yes, you can add cute little animal widgets like I have, but no more than 4

This portion of the ecology is asking you to think about how what you read and what your interests are help construct a portion of your (online) identity. Your public Netvibes page is viewable to the entire world and as a result you should construct a professional space that includes a host of interests and resources that you might one day use in the future (for your own learning, for your courses at Rowan, for the classes you might one day teach, and so forth). The private space can have more personal-related items: email, Facebook, MySpace–whatever you wish to keep to yourself.

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