iws f10: professional analysis assignment, part 1

Assignment Description

Since we are going to be designing professional web sites, we need to know what a professional site looks like. We need to know what the accepted features are for people in our field and how those features are implemented. We also need to have an understanding about how what we are seeing online conforms to and does not conform to usability standards (one of the primary features of a professional web site).

For this assignment, I’d like you to locate 5 web sites created by people who are in your current field, come up with a list of features that tend to be used across web sites, and analyze 3 of the sites in depth based on their usability, their aesthetic, and their effectiveness for helping creating a professional feel. Avoid corporate web sites.

The more detailed and specific you are the better your analysis will be. Touch on things like color, navigation, placement on the page, font, etc., as well as the kind of and contents of the materials that are on the site, such as about page, resumes, CVs, their tone, and so on.  Use screen shots to help make your points clear and make sure to link to specific pages of the site if possible. Come to a specific conclusion about what it means to be professional in an online environment.

Page length
Equivalent of 2 full pages single spaced, not including your list of features

Create a new blog post and compose a short summary of your analysis, what you found, and your conclusions about what it means to be profession in an online space. Also include your list of features. Then, upload and insert a PDF or Word version of your analysis that readers can download and read.

Due date
10/5 by class time.

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