#bsocials17 major assignments

The major assignments for the semester:

Important Semester Activity and Due Dates

  • 1/25: Social Media Documentary Assignment begins
  • 2/3: Team Identity due in GoogleDoc by 11pm (Project Team Assignment)
  • 2/3: My Story Up Till This Moment & First Weekly Update due by 11:oopm (Story of Learning Assignment)
  • before first client visit: Team Background Research Due in GoogleDoc (Project Team Assignment)
  • 2/17: Client Background Part B Due in GoogleDoc by 11:00pm (Project Team Assignment)
  • 3/2: Midterm Story of Learning Due by 11:00pm
  • 3/6 – 3/10: Classes cancelled for conferences, but you may still meet with your teams
  • 3/10: Social Media Analysis Report Draft due by 11:00pm (Project Team Assignment)
  • 3/22: Heather McDanel Visit and Talk
  • 3/31: Social Media Analysis Report Final due by 11:00pm (Project Team Assignment)
  • 4/7: Deliverables Drafts Due
  • 5/1: Client Case Study Due by 11:00pm
  • 5/3: Final Deliverables and Social Media Analysis Due by 11:00pm
  • 5/4: Documentary Video due by noon
  • 5/5: Final Stories of Learning Due by 11:00pm
  • 5/6: Final Semester Event, Place TBD, 1:00 – 3:00

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