#bsocialf17 major assignments

The major assignments for the semester:

Important Semester Activity and Due Dates (to be updated)

  • 8/30: Social Media Documentary Assignment begins
  • 9/15: Team Identity due in GoogleDoc by 11pm (Project Team Assignment)
  • 9/15: My Story Up Till This Moment & First Weekly Update due by 11:oopm (Story of Learning Assignment)
  • before first client visit: Team Background Research Due in GoogleDoc (Project Team Assignment)
  • 9/18 – 9/20: Class canceled for First Client Team Meeting
  • 9/29: Client Background Part B Due in GoogleDoc by 11:00pm (Project Team Assignment)
  • 10/22: Midterm Story of Learning Due by 11:00pm
    10/25: Social Media Analysis Report Rough Draft due as Word doc by 11:00pm (email to Beautiful Social gmail)
  • 10/23 – 10/27: Classes cancelled for midterm conferences & Second Client Team Meeting
  • 11/3: Social Media Analysis Report Draft 2 due as PDF by 11:00pm — email PDF to Beautiful Social gmail (Project Team Assignment)
  • 11/10: Social Media Analysis Report FinalDraft due as PDF by 11:00pm — email PDF to Beautiful Social gmail(Project Team Assignment)
  • 11/13: Deliverables first draft due
  • 11/13 – 11/17: Third Client Team Meeting
  • 11/27: Deliverables first draft due
  • 12/4: Final Deliverables Due by 11:00pm
  • 12/8: Client Case Study Due by 11:00pm
  • 12/11: Documentary Video due by noon
  • 12/15: Final Stories of Learning Due by 11:00pm
  • TBD: Final Semester Event, Place TBD, time TBD

Blog post due dates

All blog posts are due on Mondays. Your Fellow will comment on the blog post by the immediate Wednesday. All changes must be made by the immediate Friday. Your Fellow will schedule the post to appear the immediate Monday at 11AM, which is the optimal time for blog posts to appear.

  • 9/25: Lansdowne
  • 10/2: Swarthmore Farmer’s Market
  • 10/16: Roots2Rise
  • 10/30: Ubuntu
  • 10/30: PEC

Social Media Takeover Dates

  • to be added

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