tech & the future of writing, fall 2009

Module Overview

In this module we will be considering the relationships among technology, writing, and the construction of virtual spaces. Complementing our readings, we will be introduced to four writing spaces that are becoming important to writers, readings, and teachers:

Specifics requirements for each of these writing spaces will be described in greater detail on a separate assignment page. Students will also write a short final paper that analyzes the use of these spaces.

Module Units

The module will be broken into four, one-week units:

Writing Spaces
In this section we will consider what Jay David Bolter calls writing spaces—online and in-print areas where texts are written, read, and manipulated. We will look at how new media technologies are changing the way people write, compose, and think about both. Our readings will focus on blogging. We will begin to compose collaborative educational/professional blogs using—a free, open source blog host.

Technological Literacy
Readings will challenge us to rethink our perceptions of technology and the evolving relationship between technology and literacy. Students will be introduced Twitter.

Ownership and Identities
In this section we will look at how identities are constructed in electronic spaces and how electronic spaces are forcing us to rethink questions of ownership. Students will be introduced to Netvibes, a powerful RSS reader.

The Future of Writing
Readings will focus on Web 2.0 and we will consider what it means to compose in the age of YouTube. Students will learn how to connect to their personal portfolios in Blackboard, and will think about how to organize their education as a Writing Arts major at Rowan.

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