tfw fall 2009 syllabus

Module Info

Course Numbers: WA 07200, Section 1
Module Location: T/H, Education Hall 2100
Module Hours: T/H 4:45pm – 6:00pm
Office Hours: T 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Printable Module Syllabus:  tfw-syllabus-f09.pdf
Printable Course Syllabus: see Blackboard
Please see the course syllabus for the Course Overview and overall Course Policies, which includes policies on Attendance, Late Work, Intellectual Property and Plagiarism, Etiquette and Professionalism, and Final Grades.

Office Hours

Office hours are designed for you, giving you a more private environment in which we may talk about your work, your performance in class, etc. If you are unable to see me during my office hours, do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me at a different time.

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Contacting Each Other

There will be times during the semester when I will need to contact the class and you will need to contact me. I will contact you via your Rowan email account, so please be sure that you are checking it regularly and/or forwarding it to the email service you use most regularly. If you do not know your Rowan email address, you can find it at email/#students.

I am in my office only during office hours and the brief times before and after class. As a result, calling me in my office will not get you an immediate response. I strongly suggest you contact me via email, which I check all day long.

Email, however, tends to be seen as an informal medium. This, however, should not always be the case. All emails that I send to you will have a meaningful subject line and a proper salutation (“Hi Class,” or “Hi Jane,” etc.). The first sentence will notify you of the purpose of the email, and then will get to the heart of the matter. It will end with a formal closing (“Thanks, BW”). I expect the same from any email you send. Any email that does not will immediately be deleted and not responded to.

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Students with Disabilities

Your academic success is important. If you have a documented disability that may have an impact upon your work in this class, please contact me. Students must provide documentation of their disability to the Academic Success Center in order to receive official University services and accommodations. The Academic Success Center can be reached at 856.256.4234. The Center is located on the 3rd Floor of Savitz Hall. The staff is available to answer questions regarding accommodations or assist you in your pursuit of accommodations. We look forward to working with you to meet your learning goals.

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Final grades for the module will be based on the following percentages:

  • Portfolio (10pts)
    • Organizational Quality, or how well you set up your portfolio
  • Blog (30pts)
    • Repetition, or how often you posted and it over a series of days;
    • Variety, or the variety in the types of posts;
    • Quality of the discussion about your blog in the final paper
  • Twitter (30pts)
    • Total, if you have the required number of at least 3 tweets per day for 26 days;
    • Quality of two blog posts about Twitter: analysis of a follower list; brief review of a Twitter app
    • Quality of discussion about your Twitter stream space in the final paper;
  • Netvibes (30pts)
    • Variety, or a variety of different kinds of widgets;
    • Total, if you had the required number of at least 20 widgets and 3 tabs;
    • Quality of discussion about your Netvibes space in the final paper

Late work will result in a 3 point reduction from the appropriate project area. Tardiness is equal to .5 of an absence; you are late if you arrive at class after the sign-up sheet has made its way around the room. The grades you receive at the end of the module will correspond to the letter grades on the overall course syllabus. Your final grade in the module is 1/3rd of your final course grade.

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