tfw fall 2011 portfolio assignment

Assignment Overview

To complete your portfolio this semester we will be using a robust backup application called Spideroak. Spideroak allows you to backup your work offline and be able to access it from any computer or smart phone. It also allows you to create spaces where you can share your work with others. Spideroak has many features, only a few of which we will be using in this assignment. However, Spideroak was chosen specifically because you will be able to use it to back up all your work and not just use it for class.

The Portfolio we create here will allow you to store work completed during your time in the Writing Arts major in a structured way so when you get to Portfolio Seminar you are able to find and access it without any problems. To do this, you will have to create a folder structure on your computer that mirrors your time in the major, the classes you take, and when you take them.

For example, you’ll want to create a folder structure that looks something like this:


And so on. All work for those classes will go in the appropriate folder and because it is synced with Spideroak that work will automatically be backed-up.

Getting Started and Setting up Spideroak

To download and install Spideroak and create your folder, compete the following steps:

1. BW sent an email to your Rowan email address that contains a link to Spideroak. Click on it. You will be brought to a screen that asks you to create an account. Create the account (skip the Promo Code field).new user

2. You will be brought to a screen that automatically asks you to download the application to your desktop. Do so. Under the download screen is your username and an access code, with some instructions. You will need that access code. Follow the instructions, which reads:


Important: Once you have installed the application and opened it, be sure you follow Step 2 completely: choose Create First Device. This allows you to name your computer and Spideroak to recognize it.

3. Follow the rest of the instructions and when complete open Spideroak. You will see a screen that looks like this:

spideroak screen

4. Click the Advanced tab. This will allow you to choose which folder you want to backup. Find the “writing arts” folder you created above and select the check box next to it. This selects the folder and everything in it.


5. Click Save. This starts the backup system, which you can see in action by going back to the Overview tab.
backing upCongratulations, you have just backed-up your work for the first time! It is now stored both on your computer and the Spideroak servers.

6. In order to share a folder(s) with others (which you will need to do for this module and Portfolio Seminar) watch the following video:

The confusing section of the video is what to do once you have created the share space. Simply email the secure URL to whomever you want to share the folder(s) with. They will click on the link and will be able to see the folder(s) and their contents.


Assignment Specifics

  1. Create a Writing Arts folder structure that represents and anticipates when you have/will take Writing Arts courses.
  2. Install Spideroak following the above instructions.
  3. When you complete your final paper(s) for this module, put it in the Intro to Writing Arts folder, long with your log of blog posts.
  4. Go through the share process and then email BW the URL by the due date of your final paper(s).

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