technologies and the future of writing, fall ’12

Module Overview

In this module, we’ll investigate technologies and the future of writing by critically engaging in contemporary writing practices in digital environments (e.g. blogging, microblogging, creating a digital writing portfolio, and various online and offline writing spaces).

Specifically, we’re going to be grappling with the questions: what does it mean “to write” and to be “a writer” today? How are those definitions evolving from what writing and being a writer was in the past? What are the issues writers must now be aware of that they haven’t had to face in the past? What skills do they need to have, if any, beyond knowing proper grammar and sentence structure? How does the space where writing occurs impact the writing itself? And what do you think writing will look like and where will it be completed in the future?

Complementing our readings and discussions, we will be introduced to four writing spaces that are becoming important to writers, readers, and teachers:

  • a collaborative professional blog using WordPress
  • micro-blogging using Twitter
  • personal online portfolio using Dropbox or Spideroak
  • various online and offline writing spaces

Specific requirements each project will be described in greater detail on a separate assignment page. Students will also complete a final module project.

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