vrmc spring 2012 blogging assignment

Assignment Overview

This semester we will be creating a collaborative blog using WordPress dedicated to the visual rhetoric and multi-modal composition-related issues that we discuss and read about in class. The goal of the blog will be to present informed, insightful, curious, authoritative, and in-depth multi-modal posts on these issues, much as graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin due with Viz (indeed, we can consider Viz a model).

Assignment Specifics

Over ten weeks this semester, one student a week (there are 10 students in the class) will serve as the blog’s Guest Blogger. As the Guest Blogger, that student will compose:

  • 1 post that discusses, challenges, problematizes a reading from that week in depth
  • 2 posts that draw attention and discuss items found in any other media that relate to the subject matter we discuss in the readings for that week.

The posts should be posted during the week before or just after the class meeting for that week. Your posts should have alphabetic and visual texts. They would include links to various related places. They should be written with the tone of someone thoroughly engaged in the subject-matter and is learning more about it. All posts should have at least 5 meaningful tags and be located into at least 1 of the following categories: semiotics, mapping, photography, remix, mashup, digital story telling, and comics (or any other that you think appropriate).

During the weeks when students are not the Guest Blogger, they are required to:

  • post 1 time on a visual rhetoric and multi-modal theme that you have chosen to explore for the entire semester
  • reply to at least 1 post in ways that move the discussion forward

See the course schedule for who the blogger is for each week.

Update: WordPress has a very good Support page, and I encourage you to spend some time with it, especially the sections for Getting Started, Creating Content, Manage My Profile, and Customize My Site. Please check these areas before emailing BW with questions.

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