vrmc spring 2012 course schedule

About the Schedule

All readings are to be completed before class. The schedule and due dates are subject to change.


Week 1: 1/19 Introductions, syllabus, the course blog, magazine covers: Esquire (April 1968); Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2003); Glamour (August 1968); The New Yorker (March 29, 1976); Vanity Fair (August 1991); Esquire (October 1966)
Hand out Blogging and Twitter Assignments

Week 2: 1/26 — Weekly Blogger: Samantha
Context essays (see Readings page for PDFs): Lauer; Jenkins (pages 1 – 34); mapping essays: Turchi; Reynolds (both); KrygierVan Lanker; Wood “Everything”; This American LifeMapping” (listen to audio or read the transcript; the audio is more fun :-)
New to blogging and tweeting: read Rettberg, Johnson, and Silver
Hand out Mapping Assignments


Week 3: 2/2 — Weekly Blogger: Emily
Hall, This Means That: Introduction, chapters 1 – 6; mapping essays: Wood (“The Interest” and “Each Sign”); from I Live Here: Ciudad Juarez

Week 4: 2/9 — Weekly Blogger: Julianna
Hall, This Means That: chapters 7 – 8; Trachtenberg (Introduction, all essays in Parts 1 and 2)
Mapping draft due by class-time

Week 5: 2/16 — Weekly Blogger: Toni
Selections from Trachtenberg (Hine, Stieglitz, Strand, Weston, Barthes); Other photography theory essays: Benjamin, Burgin, Sontag, Kuhn, Kelly; photo essays (see the Readings page)
Hand out Photo Essay Assignment

Week 6: 2/23 — Weekly Blogger: Meghan
Essays: Lister, Manovich, Ritchin; Morris: Preface, Chapters 1 – 3
Final Maps Issuu due online
Tweet your choice for the photo essay assignment


Week 7: 3/1 Jodi Shipka is visiting — Weekly Blogger: Christen
Various photo essays
Photo Essay in-class photo assessment workshop, Part 1

Week 8: 3/8— Weekly Blogger: Diana
Photo Essay in-class photo assessment workshop, Part 2

Week 9: Spring Break March 12 – 16

Week 10: 3/22— Weekly Blogger: Tarrah
McCloud; from I Live Here: “Ingushetia” and “Burma”
Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix (parts 1 – 4); Gaylor’s RIP: A Remix Manifesto; Highland’s “As Real As Your Life”; golfmnkvn’s Crisis of Significance
Photo Essay Rough Draft Due
Hand out Remix/Mashup Assignment

Week 11: 3/29 — Weekly Blogger: Darlene
Readings and videos on copyright and fair use: Vaidhyanathan, Edwards and Tyron, Tryon (both), McIntosh (added 3/22), and Faden’s A Fair(y) Use Tale
Imagine This,” “100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers,” “The Golden Age of Video” by Ricardo Autobahn; “Shining,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Brokeback to the Future,” “Mrs Doubtfire,” Communism,” “Ain’t We Got Fun?” (Brokeback Mountain Trailer); Marriage is a Patrnership; About Fallout
Introduction to movie editing software
Photo Essay Final Draft Due on Blog and Issuu by 11:00pm


Week 12: 4/5
Work on remixes
Remix/mashup Proposal Due on blog

Week 13: 4/12 — Weekly Blogger: Kelly
Work on remixes
Remix/mashup Storyboard due on blog
Sunday, 4/15 at 11:00pm: Remix draft 1 due
(1/3rd length of final)

Week 14: 4/19 — Class Canceled
Conferences to discuss Remix draft 1

Week 15: 4/26
Last day of class; end of semester party (but don’t tell @dmriker!)
Remix/mashup draft 2 due
(2/3rds length of final)

Week 16: finals week
5/3: Final remix/mashup/digital story and reflections due

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