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The assignments that are listed on this page are to be completed before class starts the day they are due. The latest assignment will be placed at the top to reduce scrolling. Not all weeks will have specific homework assignments. For the weekly readings, see the Course Schedule

for Thursday, January 23

Welcome to Visual Rhetoric and Multimodal Composition! I’m excited to see the kinds of awesome and creative projects you come up with this semester. For the first class meeting, I’d like you to read TBA

Looking over the course list I see that several of you may have already read the Rettberg piece. That’s great; I’ll be looking for you to help the others with setting up and discussing blogs.

If you own a laptop, iPad, or tablet and are able to connect it to the school’s wireless network, please bring it with you to class. (Note that just because you were able to connect it last semester doesn’t automatically mean it will connect this semester. If you are bringing it to class, make sure it connects before coming to class as there will be no time to troubleshoot connection issues.) If you need a laptop, please let me know and I will try to get some for class this week. We’ll be setting up the collaborative course blog in class so we’ll need access. Start thinking of a good, fun, quippy name for the blog. The most recent section this course’s blog was Let’s Get Visual, Visual; and another on visual rhetoric topics was Textual Arousal.

Please read and be ready to discuss the following for class on Thursday (readings available on Readings page):

To see the kinds of video mashups you’ll eventually be making, see the videos at: https://williamwolff.orgstudent-showcase. Other samples will comes later with the projects.

If you do not yet have a Twitter account, please sign up for one at http://twitter.com. Twitter works best (especially for our purposes) when the username is professional and you are authentic. For example, my username is: billwolff (http://twitter.com/billwolff), and I use my full name to show who I am. My account is unlocked. Please sign up with a professional username, use your real name, and keep your account unlocked. We’ll be using Twitter in a professional way so there is no need to keep anything private. Make sure you have your username with you for the first day. The hashtag will be #vrmcs14.

If you do not have a free WordPress.com account, I’d like you to sign up for one at: https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/?user=1. You must use this address; if you are asked to create a blog URL you are in the wrong place. Do NOT click to sign up for a blog link. After you sign up and you’ll be asked to verify your email address (I suggest using your Rowan email); please do that immediately. Have your username and the email address you used to create the account with you on the first day.

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