web design schedule, summer 2008

About the Schedule

The schedule is broken down by weeks. The current module will be placed at the top so as to reduce scrolling. Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Griffiths should be read for Tuesday, May 20.

Week 1

M 5/19: first day of class; introductions; introduction to servers, XHTML and CSS; sample web site, xhtml code (.pdf), css code (.pdf)
assignment for 5/20
T 5/20: Griffiths Ch 1-3; brief web standards; building a basic css layout; project 1 overview; professional web site and online portfolio; css social bookmarking list; social bookmarking in plain english; diigo bookmarking tutorial (.pdf); first web site
assignment for 5/21
W 5/21: Photoshop—bring Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book
assignment for 5/22
H 5/22: Professional web site draft due; project 2: CSS Zen Garden; dissecting the CSS Zen Garden
assignment for 5/27

Week 2

M 5/26: no class; Memorial Day
T 5/27: Project II: CSS Zen Garden begins; Tranquille screen shot (.pdf); CSS Zen Garden HTML (.pdf); CSS Zen Garden Tranquille CSS (.pdf)
assignment for 5/28
W 5/28: Photoshop, CSS Zen Garden
assignment for 5/29
H 5/29: Photoshop; CSS Zen Garden; Final Professional Site and Portfolio Handed Out
assignment for 6/2

Week 3

M 6/2:
T 6/3: CSS Zen Garden draft due
W 6/4: Web Standards, Accessibility, "The Image Problem"
H 6/5: Final CSS Zen Garden Due
Sat 6/7: Final Prof Site and Online Portfolio due by 11:00pm

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