#wddf22 code samples and templates

about code samples and templates

This page contains links to all sample code sheets that Bill will hand out during the semester. They are also linked from the Course Calendar on the day they were discussed. For weekly videos and tutorials, see the Videos and Tutorials page.

Week Three What’s HTML and CSS All About Code

Sample HTML5 & CSS pagesample-html.pdfsample-style-css.pdf

Project 1 Template Code

Persona to Code Handout

Responsive Floating, putting elements side-by-side, and styling images

Responsive Media

Background Images and Footers

  • bg-images-footer-s22.docx

Project 2 Template Code

Click on each of the below links, copy the whole code, paste it into a NEW Brackets file, and save using the names below in the appropriate folder (e.g. css files in your styles folder).

  • index.html
  • imagehome.css
  • nav.css

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