wec fall 2009 weekly homework

The assignments that are listed on this page are to be completed before class starts the day they are due. The latest assignment will be placed at the top to reduce scrolling.

for Wednesday, Sept 9

Please read Blogging by Jill Walker Rettberg and “Web Hosting 101” by Julie Meloni.

Please watch the following videos on Creative Commons licensing.

All students except the student responsible for the collaborative essay and the discussion leader, bring to class an electronic copy of a short (3/4 single space) review of Jill Walker Rettberg’s Blogging. See Clay Spinuzzi’s book reviews on the Readings page of his blog for sample online book reviews. We will post these in class on Wednesday.

Update, 9/5/09, 10:46am: Please also take a look at this short video, “The First Blogger,” by Scott Rosenberg. Rosenberg is the author Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What’s It’s Becoming, and Why it Matters.

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