wec fall 2009 weekly schedule

About the Schedule

All readings are to be completed before class. Please make sure your responses and reviews are posted on time. This will give all students time to read and think about your questions the night before class, and perhaps respond to them in comments and in blog posts of their own.


Week 1: 9/2
Introductions, syllabus, mapping the internet (.pdf), pict-ing literacy, on literacy and new media
If time: discuss Twitter, sign up for Twitter accounts
Discuss Collaborative Essay assignment
Opte, Chris Harrison, xkcd, xkcd2, bytelevel, info architects
assignment for 9/7

Week 2: 9/7 — Discussion Leader: Alex; Collaborative Essay Contributor: Anthony
Rettberg, Blogging
Web Hosting 101” by Julie Meloni.
Discuss blogging project

Week 3: 9/16 — Discussion Leaders: Anthony, Aileen; Collaborative Essay Contributor: Jessica
Selber, Multiliteracies for a Digital Age

Week 4: 9/23 — Discussion Leader: Mary; Collaborative Essay Contributor: Alex
Web 2.0 Packet

Week 5: 9/30 — Discussion Leader: Joe; Collaborative Essay Contributor: Mary
Brooke, Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media (Preface, Chapters 1 – 4)


Week 6: 10/7 — Discussion Leader: Alex; Collaborative Essay Contributor: Joe
Brooke, Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media (Chapters 5 – 8)

Week 7: 10/14 — Discussion Leader: Joe; Collaborative Essay Contributor: Aileen
Kress: Literacy in the New Media Age

Week 8: 10/21 — Discussion Leader: Jessica
Vaidhyanathan: Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and how it Threatens Creativity

Week 9: 10/28 — Discussion Leader: none
Discuss Collaborative Essay Draft


Week 10: 11/4 — Discussion Leader: Mary
Jenkins: Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture
class to take place in course chat space

Week 11: 11/11 — Discussion Leader: Jessica
Wasik: And Then There’s This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture
Hand out final essay assignment

Week 12: 11/18 — Discussion Leader: Anthony and Aileen
Tyron: Reinventing Cinema: Movies in the Age of Media Convergence

Week 13: 11/25
Class canceled. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Week 14: 12/2
Hayles: Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary
Discuss revision of collaborative essay and The Unknown Hypertext by Scott Rettberg, William Gillespie, Frank Marquardt, and Dirk Stratton;  RedRidinghood by Donna Leishman; The Jew’s Daughter by Judd Morrissey, with contributions from Lori Talley; NIPPON by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

Week 15: 12/9
Last day of class, evaluations
Discuss final version of collaborative essay

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