wec fall 2011 Tumblr assignment

Assignment Overview

Starting the week of September 19, each student is required to post at least 3 tumblr posts per week on the course Tumblr blog. The 3 posts can be in any genre of Tumblr post but should be related to the course in the following ways:

  • one post should be in response to the readings
  • one post should attempt to locate part of your Web 2.0 research in terms of the ideas expressed in that week’s reading (this should include finding news, information, articles, and so on about any of the sites you are looking into)
  • one post should be a comment in response to a classmate’s post; this post can exist in the form of a reblog to your own Tumblr blog that has additional comments or a comment directly under the post

Each post must contain a meaningful title and at least 5 tags. The content and the length of it is up to you. Do not, however, merely use the same genre each week. Vary your entries and you’ll find that you’re getting more out of the assignment and the blog will be more engaging.

Each students is also required to upload an avatar and create a profile.

In a separate document, keep track of the following info:

  • title of each post
  • URL of each post
  • date of each post

I will collect these at the end of the semester so I can ensure that each of you have at least the required number.

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