wrt fall 2009 weekly schedule

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Garfield should be read for Monday, Jan 26.

week 1

W 9/2: Brief Introductions; syllabus, YouTube videos, watch some student videos, intro to the Flip Video camera, hand out the Flips
assignment for 9/9

week 2

M 9/7:  Class Canceled for Labor Day
W 9/9: Interviews; edit the interviews, finish the movie.
Studs Turkel with Dawn Kelly (.ram),  Joseph Boone (.ram), Leola Spann (.ram); Sergei Rachmaninoff
assignment for 9/14

week 3

M 9/14: Wesch on YouTube; Creative Commons; wesch-creative-commons-discussion-questions.pdf
Hand out “The One” assignment
assignment for 9/16
W 9/16: Kelly on Screen Literacy; discuss “the one” questions and assignment

week 4

M 9/21: Interviews due, intro to iMovie, work on “The One” videos
W 9/23: Work on “The One” videos; Creative Commons Licenses
assignment for 9/28

week 5

M 9/28: RIP: A Remix
assignment for 9/30
W 9/30: TBD on remixes

week 6

M 10/5: discuss “The One” drafts, discuss Fair Use
Hand out Memes and Remixes assignment
“The One” assignment due on YouTube by 11:00pm
W 10/7: Discuss Downfall Meme drafts
assignment for 10/12

week 7

M  10/12: When the Levees Broke, Acts I and II, OHR, Intro and Chapter 2, wtlb-ohr-discussion-questions.pdf
assignment for 10/14
W 10/14: OHR Chapters 3 and  4
Hitler Downfall Remix due on YouTube Channel

assignment for 10/19

week 8

M 10/19: When the Levees Broke, Acts III and IV
Oral History Video Composition handed out
assignment for 10/21
W 10/21: OHR Chapter 1, Studs Turkel Archive, Storycorps, and Oral History Video Archive
Video Proposals due online
Hand out IRB portion of Oral History Assignment
assignment for 10/26, 10/28, & 10/30

week 9

M 10/26: OHR Chapters 5, 6, and 8; discuss proposals; Sample Interviews
Hand out Remix #2 Assignment
W 10/28: OHR Chapters 9, 10, and 11; discussion-questions-3-9.pdf; Interviewing and listening
List of potential interview subjects due
F 10/30: IRB Proposal and Consent Form due

week 10 — Conduct Interviews

M 11/2: Interviewing and listening; the oral history interview
Interview schedule due on the wiki
W 11/4: discuss Oral History mock interviews, discuss Ken Burns effect, example from WTLB, Ken Burns Discussing Ken Burns Effect
0.45 – 1.30 minute rough draft due online by class-time

week 11 — Conduct Interviews

M 11/9: The Golden Age of Video by Ricardo Autobahn; Work on Remix #2 Assignment
W 11/11: Work on Remix #2 Assignment; The One assignment grade template.pdf
F 11/13:
Remix video #2 due on YouTube and Wiki by 11:59pm

week 12 — Conduct Interviews/Conference Week

M 11/16: Work on Oral History draft
W 11/18: Work on Oral History draft
First video due online (2 – 3 mins)
H 11/19: Conferences
F 11/20: Conferences

week 13

M 11/23: Putting audio over still image; oral history intro samples: sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4
Music selections due
Primary Documents and screen shots due
W 11/25: Class canceled for Thanksgiving
Second Video Draft due online (5 – 6 minutes)

week 14

M 11/30: Discuss final video requirements
assignment for 12/2
W 12/2: peer response on oral history rough draft #2

week 15

M 12/7: Reflecting on the semester, Department of Writing Arts 9 Core Values
W 12/9: return Flip video cameras
Final oral history videos due (8 – 10 minutes)

week 16

M 12/14: Last day of class.

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