wrtf10 protecting human research participants training & IRB proposal

Assignment Overview

As discussed in class, Institutional Review Board (IRB) materials are an essential part of conducting research that involves human subjects. These materials include: completing the Protecting Human Research Participants training, completing an IRB Proposal, and completing an IRB Consent Form.

Protecting Human Research Participants Training
For the Protecting Human Research Participants training you must first Register. Go to Protecting Human Research Participants and click on the Register link. Register for the course and then follow the instructions to complete the course. The course has 7 modules, 4 of which are followed by quizzes. It should take up to 3 hours to complete. Once you have completed the training, you will be presented with a congratulations screen (and perhaps an email will be sent to you). To see your certificate of completion, click on “Get Certificate” from the main menu. Take a screen shot of the certificate and sent it to Dr. Wolff in an email. If an email is sent to you, you can forward that instead of sending the screen shot.

Do not wait until the last minute to get started on this.

IRB Proposal and Consent Form
The IRB Proposal is the document where you discuss your research goals and methodologies, why the research is important, and what safeguards you have taken to ensure the rights of your human subjects. The Proposal is a formal document, standardized by the institution to which you are submitting it.

I would like you to complete your own IRB Proposal. I have prepared an IRB Proposal Template (.doc, if using Internet Explorer, right click on link and save to your computer) to help you complete the proposal. You will see instructions at the beginning highlighted in yellow. They instruct you to to find all spaces where I have used ALL CAPS to tell you what to include in a specific space. I have filled in many of the responses for you already; please do not replace those responses. Please read the document in full before you begin to replace the ALL CAPS text with your own text. I have also prepared a sample IRB proposal (.pdf) to give you an idea what they look like when completed. This IRB Proposal was submitted to the Institutional Review Board so that you will be able to conduct this research.

I have prepared your IRB Consent Form (.pdf) for you. Please look at it. You do not need to alter it in any way, but are still required to turn it in with the other documents.

You are also required to turn in a copy of your Protecting Human Research Participants certificate.

Instructions for turning in all materials are available at the bottom of the last page of the IRB Proposal. Make sure you complete the Investigator Checklist and turn in all materials by the requested time. These must be completed and I must approve them prior to you begin your interviews. You cannot start interviewing without my approval.

The materials must be turned in correctly and approved before you can conduct any interviews. If you have any questions, please email me.

Due Date
F 11/12: Training Certificate, IRB Proposal, and Consent Form due by 11:00pm

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