wrt fall 2011 course schedule

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Ehrenreich should be read for Thursday, Sept 8. This schedule is subject to change (updated 9/13/11)

week 1: Beginnings

H 9/1: Class Canceled due to Hurricane Irene

week 2: Course Themes

T 9/6: Brief Introductions to the course; getting to know Blurb’s Booksmart; Flickr Commons
assignment for 9/8
H 9/8: Ehrenreich on the death of the book
assignment for 9/13

week 3: Early Ages of Print

T 9/13: Chinese printing, invention of paper, Egyptian Scrolls, Phaedrus
Hand out Book Design Project Overview.
assignment for 9/15
H 9/15: discuss charities and causes
assignment for 9/20

week 4: Moving Toward the Present and eBooks

T 9/20: Groups created, set up group Tumblr blogs, meet to think about themes, present theme ideas
Hand out Book Proposal Assignment
Hand out Tumblr Assignment
assignment for 9/22
H 9/22: Ancient Islamic and Medieval European texts, Gutenberg Bible, St. Gallens text; Hillesund, Esposito, Bradley

week 5: Book Proposals and Calls for Entry

M 9/26: Book Proposal Due on group Tumblr blog by 11:00pm
T 9/27: Discuss Proposals and planning for the call; glsen proposal (pdf), operation homefront proposal (pdf), march of dimes proposal (pdf), children’s defense fund proposal (pdf)
Hand out Call for Entries Assignment
assignment for 10/4
H 9/29: Class canceled
F 9/30:
Calls for Entry due on Group Tumblr blog and to CWiP by 7:00pm

week 6: Copyright and Remix

T 10/4: readings on copyright; Twitter Search, Listorious, Twellow
assignment for 10/6
H 10/6: readings on remix
Hand out the Remixing the Book Assignment
assignment for 10/11

week 7: On Design

T 10/11: getting started with Blurb
assignment for 10/13
H 10/13: readings on design
assignment for 10/18

week 8: Designing Books / Sorting Submissions

M 10/18: Submissions Due!
T 10/19: Guest presenter, former Rowan Writing Arts major and writing entrepreneur Joe Carlough of Displaced Snail Publications
Hand out 22-page Handmade Book Draft specifics
H 10/21: Sorting the Submissions; discussing draft templates

week 9: More Designing Books

T 10/25: Guest presenter, former Rowan Writing Arts major and writing entrepreneur Joe Carlough of Displaced Snail Publications, Part 2
H 10/27: reflect on the presentations; discuss evaluating the submissions and remixed documents; prepare for book making; Blurb Journals/Notebook; Journal/Notebook examples: Animal Journal, City Scape, Floral Soul, John Dyer Notebook

week 10: A Break in the Action

T 11/1: No Class
W 11/2: Individual evaluations of submissions and remixed documents due to BW by 5:00pm.
H 11/3: Class to meet online
as BW will be in Boston
assignment for 11/10
Hand out Book Proof Specifics

week 11: Where Were We? Something is Due, too

T 11/8: Election Day: No Class. VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE!!
H 11/10:
Begin planning your book layout and design; Talk about Interviewing
Handmade Books and Reflections Due at the start of class
Hand out Book Proof Assignment

week 12: Conferences and Drafts

T 11/15: work on drafts or Conferences to discuss drafts
H 11/17: work on drafts of Conferences to discuss drafts

week 13: Drafts and Turkey

T 11/22: Work on Drafts
Rough Draft due online and ordered by 11:00pm
H 11/24: No Class: Thanksgiving.

week 14: On the Publishing Industry

T 11/29: group photos
Interviews due on course Tumblr
assignment for 12/1
H 12/1: TBD

week 15: Getting to the End

T 12/6: bring proofs to class and discuss
Hand out Final Book Design assignment
H 12/8: TBD; bring proofs to class and discuss

week 16: The Final Chapter

T 12/13: Last day of class; book party
Final Book Draft due

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