wrt fall 2014 weekly schedule

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Wesch should be read for Thursday, 9/4. This schedule is subject to change.

week 1: Beginnings / Course Themes

T 9/2: Brief Introductions; course web site, remix videos, some sample student mashup videos, photo essays
Hand out Social Media Blogging and Tweeting assignments
assignment for 9/4
H 9/4: Syllabus; Wesch on YouTube; Larry Lessig on Creativity; creative commons and fair use; Bloom Like an Artist by Ida Eva Margrethe Neverdahl (jellyvampire), Set up course blog; talk briefly about Twitter.
assignment for 9/9

week 2: Course Themes / Remix

T 9/9: Kelly on Screen Literacy; McIntosh on historical remixes; Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix (parts 1 – 4); Gaylor’s RIP: A Remix Manifesto; kelly-remix-questions.pdf
assignment for 9/11
H 9/11: Edwards and Tryon, Tryon (both), and remix videos: “Shining,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Brokeback to the Future” (Brokeback Mountain Trailer), “Mrs Doubtfire,” Imagine This,” “100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers,” “The Golden Age of Video” by Ricardo Autobahn, “LITERAL Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer Parody
Hand out Theoretical Analysis of a Remix assignment

assignment for 9/16

week 3: Remix | Weekly Bloggers: MS, EB

T 9/16: McCloud, “Vocabulary of Comics” and “Blood in the Gutter”; Garfield Minus Garfield, and Intro to Prezi.
H 9/18: Prezi and the assignment

week 4: Remix | Weekly Bloggers: DM, AH, BS

T 9/23: Work on Remix Analysis Project
H 9/25: Peer response for Remix Analysis Project
Remix Assignment Rough Draft due online by class time
assignment for 9/30

week 5: Remix / Mashup | Weekly Bloggers: DB, CP, SG, CB

T 9/30: Middleton on remix and the humanities, Vaidhyanathan on copyright, Cornell University copyright table
H 10/2: Hall, This Means That: Introduction, Chapter 1; semiotics-discussion-questions.pdf
Remix Assignment Final Draft and Reflection due
Hand out the Video Mashup Assignment
assignment for 10/7

week 6: Semiotics | Weekly Bloggers: SM, AS, NI, JR

T 10/7: Hall, This Means That: chapters 2 and 3; discuss mashups
Remix Assignment Final Draft and Reflection due
H 10/9: Hall, This Means That: Chapters 4 and 5; on mashup topics

week 7: Semiotics | Weekly Bloggers: RE, AD-M, KM, RK

T 10/14: Hall, This Means That: Chapters 6, 7, and 8; discuss mashups
Video Mashup proposals due
assignment for 10/16
H 10/16: discuss storyboards
Video summary and storyboard due

week 8: Mashup | Weekly Bloggers: TG, GC

T 10/21: Work on mashup video; conf-signup-sheet-f14.pdf
H 10/23: Work on mashup video
Video Mashup Rough Draft #1 due on YouTube channel by class time
assignment for 10/30

week 9: Mashup

T 10/28: Class Canceled for Conferences
H 10/30: discussed remix drafts

week 10: Election Week / Conference Week

S 11/2: Mashup Rough Draft #2 due on YouTube by 11:00pm
T 11/4: Class Canceled for election day — VOTE!!
H 11/6: Class canceled for Conferences
assignment for 11/11

week 11: Photo Essay | Weekly Bloggers: KF, KF, CD, MR

T 11/11: magazine covers to be discussed in class: Esquire (October 1966); Esquire (April 1968); Glamour (August 1968); Rolling Stone (January 22, 1981); Vanity Fair (August 1991); Time Magazine (June 27, 1994)Rolling Stone (July 10-24, 2008); Rolling Stone (August 1, 2013)
Sontag, “Photography” (1973); Berger, “Understanding a Photograph” (1974); Kelly “Self Image” (1979)
assignment for 11/13
H 11/13:  The Photo Essays
Hand out Photo Essay Assignment
assignment for 11/18
F 11/14: Mashup Video Final Draft and Reflection Due online by 11:00pm

week 12: Photo Essay| Weekly Bloggers: GL, HO, JV, SM

T 11/18: Essays by Niepce, Daguerre, and Morris; Lighting, Weather, and the Subject
H 11/20: Essays by Hine, Weston, Barthes, Kuhn; manual camera operation, depth of field, questions about project
assignment for 11/25
Sunday 11/23: Photo Essay Proposal due on course blog by 11:00pm

week 13: Photo Essay

T 11/25: Class not meeting to give time to start photo essay project
Essays by Burgin, Lister, Manovich, Ritchin and RadioLab and Studio360 radio programs on truth in photography
assignment for 12/2
H 11/27: Class canceled for Thanksgiving

week 14: Photo Essay | Weekly Bloggers: GC, BK

T 12/2In-Class Photo Assessment
contact sheets and selections (from The Contact Sheet edited by Steve Crist, Ammo Books, 2009)
H 12/4: In-Class Photo Assessment

week 15: Photo Essay / Endings | Weekly Bloggers: JW

T 12/9: Reflecting on the semester, Department of Writing Arts 9 Core Values
H 12/11: Last day of class; photo-essay-template.doc
Photo Essay Rough Draft due
Monday, 12/15: Photo Essay Final Draft due in Issuu and blog post by 11:00pm

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