wrt schedule spring 2008

About the Course Schedule

Each class period will be broken in half, most likely with the first portion focusing on discussion of the readings, and the second portion focusing on learning new technologies and/or working on course-related projects. Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Bolter, chapters 1-4, should be read for Wednesday, Jan. 30. Select homework assignment to see assignments associated with the reading. Due to the nature of the course subject matter and the tools we will be using, some of the homework assignments will be due Sunday or Monday evening. This will allow each of us to view and comment on them prior to the class meeting.

week 1

W Jan 23
First day of class; discussion of syllabus; introductions;
The Media of September 11
Assignment for Jan 30

week 2

W Jan 30
Bolter, chapters 1-2; Learning Record discussion
Assignment for Feb 6

week 3

W Feb 6
Bolter, chapters 3-4
; hypertext fiction; essay 1 handed out
LRO Parts A1 and A2, 2 Observations, and 1 Work Sample due in class

week 4

W Feb 13
peer response and word commenting (.pdf); HTML and sample home page
Essay 1 rough draft due
Assignment for Feb 20

week 5

W Feb 20
Sante, images, "Documentary," "Police Aesthetics," and "Evidence"

sante passages for discussion (.pdf)
Assignment for Feb 27

week 6

W Feb 27
Essay 1 Final Draft due
Sante, evidence discussion questions (.doc), Jonathan Harris video, "We Feel Fine," "Universe"
each of us to view and comment on them prior to the class meeting.

week 7

W March 5
Essay 2 handed out, building on ideas and transitioning (.doc)

week 8

W March 12
Essay 2 rough draft due, essay 2 peer response (.pdf), midterm learning record

week 9

spring break–have fun!

week 10

M March 24: midterm learning record due in openarea by noon
W March 26:
essay 2 final draft due by classtime; moderations; quotations and essay 2
Assignment for April 2

week 11

W April 2: Tufte, Intro, Chapters 1 and 2; mapping elections
Assignment for April 9

week 12

W April 9: Tufte, Corruption in Evidence Presentations, The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint
Rowan University Campus Master Plan Worksession #6
Giving Effective Presentations by Gillian Kerr
OSCON 2005 Keynote – Identity 2.0 by Dick Hardt
Myths about the developing world by Hans Rosling
Google Subscribed Links
essay 3 handed out
Assignment for April 16

week 13

W April 16:Tufte, Words, Numbers, Images; Joan, Rene; essay 3 versions (.pdf); screen shots (.pdf); sample screen shot analysis and Tuftean descriptions (.pdf)

week 14

W April 23: "Fighting to Live as the Towers Died" and multimedia
Screen Shot Analysis and Tuftean Description due

week 15

W April 30: Last Day of Class; Essay 3 Rough Draft due; discuss final draft
essay 3 peer response

week 16-17

W May 7: Essay 3 Final Draft due by 6:30 pm
M May 12: Final Learning Record due by 11:00pm

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