assignment 1: what does youtube mean to you?

Assignment Video Preamble

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.

Assignment Overview

As we have seen in the articles and videos we have watched so far this semester YouTube is very different for different people. It is a place to share things with one’s friends and family; a place to showcase new and interesting ideas; a place for the wacky. Cats, cars, beatings, mashups, music, vlogs, original shows, artwork-these all find their way on to YouTube. They exist in one space, and despite their disparate origins and goals we accept them, welcome them.

So, what is it, then, about YouTube that allows for such a diverse mix of video genres (for lack of a better word)? Is it the users? The interface? What does it represent? In short, what is YouTube?

In this assignment we are going to attempt to come to some sort of idea about what YouTube is by asking between 25 – 30 people the question, “What does YouTube mean to you?”  You should interview a diverse group of people (that is, don’t just talk  as your close group of friends and family-get out and talk to people you don’t know). The goal will be to compose an idea-driven video through which viewers will learn what YouTube is to the community of people you asked.

Interview Specifics

Number of people to interview: 25 – 30

Questions to ask, in this order:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What does YouTube mean to you?

Please be sure that people know that the video will be put on YouTube, but that their name will not be used if they so wish.

Final Video Specifics

Each video must contain the following:

  • A representative sample of the 25 – 30 people you interviews
  • A clearly defined beginning, middle, and end
  • A title screen
  • Clips of YouTube videos that help illustrate the point your subjects make. See below for software recommendations for helping to capture YouTube clips.
  • A soundtrack with music borrowed from Jamendo or Moby Gratis, the free music sites we are using
  • Closing credits, including music credits and URLs for all YouTube videos you use
  • A Creative Commons license

Length: 3 – 5 minutes

Due dates

M 2/2: Initial Interviews due, 3 possible music selections chosen
W 2/4: video clips taken using Jing. Bring to class on required USB Flash drive
M 2/9 2/23: Final Video due on your YouTube site by start of class

On Capturing and Converting Video

Please see my new page dedicated to capturing and converting video.

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