wrt schedule spring 2009

About the Course Schedule

Assignments and readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, Garfield should be read for Monday, Jan 26.

week 1

W 1/21: Brief Introductions; Studs Turkel with Dawn Kelly (.ram),  Joseph Boone (.ram), Leola Spann (.ram); Sergei Rachmaninoff
assignment for 1/26

week 2

M 1/26: Garfield on YouTube; Kelly on Screens; Introduction to Flip Video Cameras
assignment for 1/28
W 1/28: Wesch on YouTube; Creative Commons; create YouTube account; upload video responses to YoutTube
Assignment I: What does YouTube Mean to You? handed out
assignment for 2/2

week 3

M 2/2: Initial Interviews due; 3 possible music selections chosen by classtime, work on videos
W 2/4: Clips of select YouTube videos taken using Jing (bring to class on USB Flash drive)
Unit II: Vlogging handed out

week 4

M 2/9: Work on YouTube videos
Video introduction about vlog due online by classtime

W 2/11: Work on YouTube Videos
assignment for 2/16

week 5

M 2/16: When the Levees Broke, Acts I and II, OHR, Intro and Chapter 2, discussion-questions.pdf
First Vlog due online.
W 2/18: When the Levees Broke, Acts III and IV, OHR Chapters 3 and  4
Extracting Audio from a Video File (.pdf), On Screen Shots, Creative Commons Licenses

week 6

M 2/23: Watch YouTube Videos
Assignment I: What does YouTube Mean to You due on YouTube channel by classtime
3rd Vlog Due
W 2/25: Continue watching YouTube videos and debrief project
Unit III: Video Oral History Video Composition handed out
assignment for 3/2

week 7

M  3/2: OHR Chapter 1, Studs Turkel Archive, and Storycorps
Video Proposals due online
W 3/4: OHR Chapters 5, 6, and 8; discuss proposals
assignment for 3/9


M 3/9: OHR Chapters 9, 10, and 11; Interviewing and listening; discussion-questions-3-9.pdf
List of interview subjects and possible interview dates due
assignment for 3/11
W 3/11: Interviewing and listening; the oral history interview
Initial contacts must be made via phone, email, or in person
assignment for Spring Break and/or 3/23

Spring Break March 16 – 20 — Have fun!!

week 9 — Conduct Interviews

M 3/23: Class Canceled
IRB Proposal and Consent Form due
W 3/25: Introduction to the wiki (finally!); chat page for class today

week 10 — Conduct Interviews

M 3/30:
W 4/1: Sample Interviews; Oral History Topic Summary and Bibliography

week 11 — Conduct Interviews

M 4/6: Microsoft Photo Story (please have 5 digital images with you relating to your narrators)
W 4/8: Class canceled for conferences next week

week 12 — Conduct Re-Interviews/Conference Week

M 4/13: TBD
Two-page summary of topic with sources due on wiki
Test Microsoft Photo Story Due
W 4/15: TBD
First video due online (2 – 3 mins)
H 4/16: Conferences
F 4/17: Conferences

week 13

M 4/20: TBD
Music selections due
Primary Documents and screen shots due
Second Video Draft due online (5 – 6 minutes)
W 4/22: Vlogging assignment rubric (.doc)
Video Responses to 2nd Video Draft due online

week 14

M 4/27:
W 4/29: Discuss final video requirements

week 15

M 5/4: Return Flip Cameras, hand in CDs of video raw footage, class party, course evals
Final videos due (8 – 10 minutes)

T 5/5, 4:50 – 6:50: Watch videos

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