wrts10 remix unit 2 option 4 RIPping a remix

Option Overview

In this option, students will be asked to remix the movie RIP: A Remix Manifesto that critiques the US’s current copyright system and the conglomerates that influence it. You may also bring in other texts that discuss similar ideas. The final video should make a statement, criticism, and/or commentary about ownership and ideas in contemporary culture.

The nuts and bolts:

  • must incorporate at least 3 communication modes (moving/still images, non-native audio, oral discourse, text, etc.)
  • must be 120 to 300 seconds in length
  • must include credits and sources (including separate, complete work cited [following the APA citation guidelines])
  • must include at least one advanced editing technique, such as staccato repetition, multi-audio-track overlay, slow motion, speed up, reverse video, and so on.
  • you can use any text you would like as long as it falls under or understanding of Fair Use

You can view the complete movie on the Remix Manifesto YouTube channel. The movie is broken into 9 parts. Viewing it like this on YouTube, however, will allow for easy conversion and download using Zamzar.

In addition to the video production, are required to complete 2 shorter Critical Reflection Papers:

  • The first (250-500 words in length), should focus on the medium, on the experience of working in/with/across digital video and how that experience relates to traditional writing.
  • The second (250-500 words in length), should focus on the message, on the attempted rhetorical moves, on the editing techniques themselves and why various edits, cuts, mashups, etc. were done (what was their intended effect).

Specifics when Uploading the Video to YouTube

  • Upload the video to the course YouTube channel
  • Place the complete title of your video in the form field when uploading the video. The title you choose should be meaningful and should include some version of the work “remix” or “mashup.”
  • In the Description form field, add the following text:
    • start with a one-two sentence description of the the video, and describing its purpose
    • state that the project was completed by you for Writing, Research, and Technology, Spring 2010, Rowan University, taught by Dr. Bill Wolff. If you don’t want to include your full name, use your first name and last initial (this will also ensure that I know who completed the video). The video is [specify how you have copyrighted the video (choose a Creative Commons license that is consistent with any Creative Commons texts you have chosen)]. Include a statement with URLs that points the viewer to information about the course (https://williamwolff.orgcourses/wrt-spring-2010/) and assignment (TBA). Also mention the software you used to complete the remix.
    • include credits and sources (including separate, complete work cited [following the APA citation guidelines])
    • Please use paragraphs and complete sentences
  • Add at least the following tags: remix, mashup, wrts10, rowan, rowan university, as well as multiple tags relating to your topic (these tags will increase the likelihood that the video will be found when searching that subject matter).
  • For the category, select Education (it could fall under “Entertainment” but Education suits our purposes).
  • Make the video public and allow embedding and comments
  • After upload, please the video in the Remix Unit 2 playlist

Due Dates

3/29: 1 – 3 minute synopsis video uploaded to course YouTube channel
3/31: 1 – 3 minute rough draft due on course YouTube channel by class time
4/9: 2 – 5 minute final draft due on course YouTube Channel and required essays emailed to BW in one document by 11:00pm

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