wrts15 Final Submission Guide and Reflections

1. Optional 15 Minute Conferences

  • Optional 15-minute conferences will be held in BW’s office, James 3075, Monday 5/4 10-2 and Tuesday 5/5, 11-3.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for a time.
  • If you can’t make any of those times, email BW no later than Tuesday 5/5 at 11:00pm a copy of your essay with specific questions you’d like addressed.

2. Final Research Paper

  • Due Thursday, 5/7 by 11:00pm in the final-draft folder in Dropbox
  • Should contain REVISIONS to all sections and the inclusion of an Introduction
  • Must include screenshots of associated spaces, column chart of axial codes, open coding table, axial coding table, and References
  • Citations and References must be completed using APA formatting guidelines (though, no running header or title page)
  • Name file: yourlastname-wrts15-fd.doc or .docx (I cannot read .pages documents)

3. Final Coding Spreadsheet

  • Due Thursday, 5/7 by 11:00pm in the final-coding-spreadsheet folder in Dropbox
  • Should contain the final version of your open coding, open coding definitions, axial coding, and axial coding definitions
  • MUST be in ONE Excel file
  • Name file: yourlastname-wrts15-final-coding.xlsx (I cannot read .numbers documents)

4. Final Reflections on the Research Project

  • Due Thursday, 5/7 by 11:00pm in the final-reflections folder in Dropbox
  • Reflection 1 (250 – 500 words): Please discuss the parts of your final essay you are most happy with and want me to pay special attention to. Please also discuss the parts of the essay you have concerns about.
  • Reflection 2 (250 – 500 words): When thinking back on your research over the course of the semester, what was most surprising to you? What challenged you the most? What aspects of the project might you change if it was taught again (other than the whole thing)?
  • Both reflections should be in ONE document with clear headers to distinguish the two.
  • Name file: yourlastname-wrts15-reflections.doc or .docx (I cannot read .pages documents)

5. Twitter Reflection

6. Updated Blog Posts

  • If you still have blog posts that need to be completed or updated, please EMAIL BW with specific updates you have made no later than Thursday, 5/7 by 11:00pm.

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